Windows Server 2003 Migrations made easy with Veeam

Published : March, 2015
Windows Server 2003 Migrations made easy with Veeam

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Watch this session and learn the challenges facing organizations when devising a strategy to manage Windows Server 2003 End of Support (EOS) and specifically how features in the Veeam product suite can ease the migration process. Learn how to make the move easier from a 32-bit, physical, client/server operating system to a 64-bit, virtual, cloud-based operating system.

Here’s an agenda:

  • Reviewing - your business protection strategies for pre-migration and post-migration data
  • Moving - What, why, how? Utilizing the correct approaches without dropping the ball on the existing 32-bit workloads
  • Improving - How Veeam can help. Tools and Tricks to ease your Windows migration with Veeam

Duration: 52:06

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