Kasten by Veeam Announces Support for Microsoft Azure Linux Container Host for Azure Kubernetes Service

Cloud-native architectures are being increasingly adopted by organizations for their enterprise and business-critical applications. Data security and ease of managing data protection operations has become a business imperative. Kasten K10 now supports Azure Linux container host for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) that can provide a secure foundation to run your container workloads. This reflects the latest collaboration between Kasten by Veeam and Microsoft and builds on our existing relationship to provide customers with an additional layer of protection.

Kasten by Veeam provides a backup, DR and application mobility solution on Microsoft Azure that keeps the application as the unit of atomicity while simplifying data protection operations and maintaining consistency. Kasten K10 not only operates within the Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, but can also migrate Kubernetes-based applications from on-prem environments to Azure Kubernetes Service.

Kasten K10 has previously supported Ubuntu as a container host on AKS and with the introduction of Azure Linux container host for AKS, you and your organization can experience the same state-of-the-art cloud native backup and restore capabilities with the added benefit of a native AKS container image.

Azure Linux container host for AKS provides a new level of security with a hardened kernel tuned specifically for Azure and minimized footprint out-of-the box. Coupled with Kasten K10, organizations can more easily defend against and recover from ransomware attacks or accidental data loss, ensuring business continuity and resiliency.

Jim Perrin, Principal PM, said, “With Azure Linux, customers see benefit from the value of having a secure, performant, and fully native AKS container host. Microsoft controls the supply chain for Azure Linux end to end, resulting in a more streamlined image tailored and optimized for AKS. Azure Linux provides a consistent k8s experience throughout the developer and production lifecycle coupled with the level of support you expect from Microsoft.”

The Benefits of Kasten K10 on Microsoft Azure Include:

Easy-to-Deploy Software-Only Platform: The Kasten K10 software-only  data management platform can be self-deployed within minutes on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and on-premises Kubernetes installations. It also requires minimal training or professional services.

Azure Storage Integration: Azure Storage provides fast, secure, durable, and scalable persistence for a wide range of workloads. Kasten K10’s integration with Azure Storage preserves these benefits while offering an enterprise-ready data protection solution.

Protect Applications without Developer Overhead: Without requiring any developer or CI/CD pipeline changes, Kasten K10 auto-discovers applications running in Kubernetes, adapts to changes, and dynamically maps data management policies to the current state of the application running on AKS clusters.

Get started today:

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5Kubernetes Backup Best Practices
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