Raising the Bar in Kubernetes Data Protection

Great news! For the fourth year in a row, Veeam has been named a leader and outperformer in the newest edition of GigaOm’s Radar Report for Kubernetes Data Protection v4.0. We’re proud to say that this makes Veeam’s Kasten K10 the only solution to have achieved these results to date, every year since the report’s inception.

Each year, this report builds on the previous years’ results and considers how the market has evolved in this time. Not only has the market grown in terms of both incumbent vendors and new challengers, but it has also grown in scope.

The Kubernetes Data Protection Market Maturation

As Kubernetes data protection matures, differentiation is not just in the depth and breadth of Kubernetes support, but also in protecting application data on many platforms, including VMware, Kubernetes, KubeVirt and cloud native data services. Data mobility and application migration are key capabilities of a data protection solution and flexible migration of stateful data between platforms is of paramount importance.

These new criteria – cloud data service backup, advanced data management and migration workflows, and disaster recovery are becoming the must-haves. Six vendors in last year’s report were not able to meet the table stakes requirements or dropped support for Kubernetes and were therefore excluded this year.

In the report, readers can examine seven key players in Kubernetes data protection and compare them across various categories, including table stakes, key features, emerging features, and business criteria. The report then grades the solutions according to performance in the latter three categories.

Veeam’s Kubernetes Data Protection solution, Kasten K10, came out on top by:

  • Remaining at the top quadrant in Innovation and Platform Play
  • Having the highest average score for key features, emerging features and business criteria
  • Being the only solution with “exceptional” ratings across all five evaluation metrics: flexibility, scalability, efficiency, ease of use and security

Driving Innovation

In 2023, we had two strong product releases that propelled our leadership. In May, Kasten K10 V6.0 enhanced our enterprise-grade ransomware protection, scalability and efficiency features, while expanding our cloud native ecosystem. Then in November, Kasten finished the year strong with our Kasten K10 V6.5 release, which introduced several new features to enhance Kubernetes security and improve performance at enterprise scale.

As the report’s author, Joep Piscaer, said, “It (Veeam, Kasten K10) is a leader in the space, with the most complete set of highly scored features. Its pace of innovation classifies the company as an Innovation vendor and an Outperformer.”

Solution Insights

Piscaer’s analysis underscored many of Kasten K10’s differentiators, including but not limited to:

Kubernetes Native

“(Kasten) K10 natively discovers data services (like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Kafka, and Cassandra) as part of applications and automatically applies the right data management policies (for things like quiescing) using Kanister…”

Application Transforms

“The Application Transform Engine supports application data and metadata transformations (including KubeVirt VMs), migrations, and mapping, allowing use cases ranging from simple storage class mappings to cross-cluster, cross-region, cross-availability zone (AZ), cross-distribution, and cross-cloud migrations.”

Ease of Use/GUI

“The Kasten (K10) interface supports managing multiple clusters from a single interface and supports RBAC and role and scope limitations for self-service access for non-administrative users to specific resources, like a single cluster or namespace.”

Raising the Bar

In summary, the report confirms that the bar has been raised! Key factors for market success are changing and Veeam is paving the way with Kasten K10. See for yourself how and why by viewing the entirety of the report here.  


#1 Kubernetes Data Protection
#1 Kubernetes Data Protection
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