Digital Transformation Considerations

Veeam is proud to release the findings of yet another research project, the 2023 Data Protection Trends Report, which is the industry’s largest independent research on backup and data protection. This research is fully independent, representing the whole market — not only Veeam customers — and was conducted by a third-party research organization, with no one knowing that Veeam was involved.

Since 2020, the pandemic sped up Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives for many organizations. This trend continues, however, the challenges identified for DX have shifted.

  • In 2021 IT professionals stated that, “Focusing on maintaining operations due to the pandemic.” was their greatest issue preventing progress on DX initiatives.
  • In 2022 the greatest DX inhibitor was “Lack of IT staff skills or transformational expertise.”
  • In both 2021 and 2022, the second greatest DX headwind was “Dependencies on legacy systems and technologies…” or technical debt.
  • In 2023 “Cyber threats” rose to the top of the DX inhibitor list, both as the most common issue, as well as the most impactful challenge.
  • In 2023, “Skills shortages” was again number two, and in fact in most CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) surveys over the last decade and longer, skills always rank in the top two of overall concerns, not an inhibitor for DX-related initiatives.

Sadly, most organizations do not have enough additional resources after trying to keep up with daily operations and fending off increasing cyberthreats and ransomware remediation (see our blog in this series entitled “Designing for Cyber-Resiliency”).

Cyberthreats are a direct hindrance to DX because most organizations cannot deal with the strategic when they are busy dealing with tactical. The need to invest in DX so that the organization is better able to meet the demands of a changing market (strategic objectives) remains important.

We hope to connect with you on our LinkedIn Live sessions where we will discuss this and other fascinating results from this research, and remember to download the full report at 2023 Data Protection Trends Report.

If you have questions about this, or any of Veeam’s many other research projects, feel free to contact us at


About the 2023 Data Protection Report: Veeam’s Data Protection Report is the latest and largest research report on data protection ever in the history of backup and availability, as surveyed by an independent research firm with 4,200 responses from 28 countries. Download the full 2023 Data Protection Trends Report to get access to all the latest data protection insights. Want to learn more about enterprise backup solutions at Veeam? Visit the Veeam Enterprise Backup Solutions Page.

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