HPE & Veeam: Delivering better backup, enabling Digital Transformation

Data is a critical asset for every business

No matter the industry, country, or size of company, every organization is relying on their data to drive their operations and to deliver their products or services. Without access to data, decision making slows down, projects get delayed, revenues are lost, and customer confidence and partners relationships are put at risk. Therefore, many data centers are now classifying more and more of their applications as being mission critical. Service levels are rising for all workloads, and the business expectations for speed, access, reliability and availability have never been higher.

Data fuels Digital Transformation projects

Digital Transformation (DX) aims to increase customer intimacy, transform business operations, and deliver cost savings. The business value of data really comes in to focus as IT looks to support new systems, new business models, new customer engagement efforts, and new ways to streamline operations. Data plays a critical role on every DX journey. This means that more data is getting created, updated and accessed than ever before, which requires fast, secure storage and simple, flexible and reliable backup and data management software.

Veeam and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have a long history of delivering jointly integrated solutions that store and protect critical data, dating back to when Veeam first supported HPE storage arrays in v6.5 in 2012. Now in 2020, as Veeam released Veeam Availability Suite v10, several new integrations were delivered that leverage and extend the powerful capabilities that are found in HPE storage hardware.

I’d like to highlight three new Veeam software and HPE hardware integrations that have just been released in v10.

HPE Primera Snapshot Integration

HPE has a new high-end storage platform for mission-critical applications, with a 100% availability guarantee, and includes HPE Infosight for proactive monitoring and maintenance. Veeam integrates with HPE Primera storage arrays to enable backups from storage snapshots on a primary or secondary Primera array, and deliver snapshot orchestration, all from the Veeam console.

The value to the business perspective of this integration is delivering better, faster and more flexible access to data for recovery or data re-use. Instant VM Recovery with VM file or application item granularity is offered for backup and restore operations, making administration easy so that needed data is made available to the business quickly. Veeam pioneered instant virtual machine recovery, and in v10, we’re delivering enhancements that provide fast access to multiple VMs so that application development, DevOps, data analytics and security, and patch testing can be expedited. The ability to leverage data for business acceleration means that Digital Transformation projects can complete faster.

Expanded HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Support

HPE’s StoreOnce purpose-built backup appliance has been a great choice of backup repository for Veeam customers for years. Catalyst is the name of the proprietary backup protocol that StoreOnce uses to optimize data movement. Veeam has supported Catalyst. Years ago, Veeam integrated with StoreOnce Catalyst for virtual environments to enable source-side deduplication, virtual synthetic full backups and faster restores. Veeam is adding Catalyst support for physical Windows and Linux data, as well as support for Catalyst support for enterprise applications like Oracle RMAN and SAP HANA.

Growing amounts of data are challenging backup windows for some organizations, and when the business needs data restored, it needs that data as fast as possible in order to resume vital operations. Mission-critical data on physical servers and vital business applications can now enjoy more efficient backup data transfer over the network, reduced backup storage requirements, and faster backup and restore performance.

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy Support

StoreOnce Catalyst Copy delivers efficient data movement between multiple StoreOnce systems. In v10, Veeam will support Catalyst Copy, making additional copies of data and movement of the new copies much more efficient. Backup copies from one StoreOnce instance to another StoreOnce of VMware and Hyper-V VMs and physical Windows and Linux machines can be made without data rehydration.

Business today is 24x7x365, with no tolerance for downtime. A robust backup and disaster recovery plan are essential for IT to deliver continuous services. Leveraging Veeam and HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy means that data is delivered where it needs to be faster than ever so that mission-critical applications won’t suffer outages from accidental or malicious threats.

Veeam and HPE deliver better backup and enable Digital Transformation

Veeam and HPE have a long history of joint innovations that deliver solutions to ensure that your business, and its critical applications and data are always available and able to be leveraged for business acceleration. More about proven solutions from Veeam and HPE can be heard during the upcoming Redmond webinar on March 4. Danny Allan, Veeam CTO, and Omer Asad, HPE GM & VP of HPE Primary and Secondary Storage, will discuss new solution integrations that were announced on February 18 as part of Veeam’s v10 launch.

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