Veeam Extends our #1 Market Share in Data Protection and Recovery Software, Growing Faster Than the Top 5 in the Category 

In the high-stakes arena of cybersecurity, where threats evolve with every passing second, standing still is not an option. That’s why at Veeam, we don’t just participate — we actively lead the charge in cyber resilience by offering the best data protection and rapid ransomware recovery. This is a battleground; one where every detail and nuance counts. Our community – our customers, partners, and dedicated users – drive us to set an untouchable pace.

We are happy to be able to celebrate our continued leadership and accelerating #1 market share in data protection and recovery in the IDC Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker for the second half of 2023. In fact, Veeam is gaining more market share than any of our peers in the top 5. The digital landscape doesn’t just evolve — it explodes. This makes readiness non-negotiable.

Our recent addition of Coveware to the Veeam family is another testament to our commitment. In a world where cyberattacks are a matter of when and how often, not if, we believe rapid recovery is the most critical element in your arsenal. Coveware brings industry-leading cyber-extortion incident response services. When the worst happens, Coveware brings first responder capabilities from rapid forensic triage to their decryption services. In addition, Coveware contributes unrivalled insights on threat actors and trends that can help us educate customers and reduce risk before incidents happen.

Beyond Coveware, Veeam continues to relentlessly drive rapid cyber resilience innovation through:

  • Veeam Data Platform: Not just a solution, but a revolution in data security that offers hybrid cloud capabilities and AI-driven defenses that anticipate and neutralize threats before they strike.
  • Veeam Data Cloud: Its confidence meets convenience. This platform merges the robustness of our top-tier technology with the flexibility of cloud services, enhanced by our strategic alliance with Microsoft.
  • Veeam Cyber Secure Program: This isn’t just support; it’s your cybersecurity SWAT team. Equipped to fortify, defend, and recover, Veeam Cyber Secure program ensures you’re prepared for any cyber assault.
  • Commitment to excellence: Our tools are fortified by partnerships with cybersecurity leaders and prestigious certifications like the DoDIN APL and the International Common Criteria Certification for Cyber Resilience.

To every customer who trusts us to safeguard their digital assets, thank you. Your challenges fuel our commitment to excellence and your feedback sharpens our edge. Together, we’re not just defending ground; we’re reclaiming it.

To our partners, your alliance amplifies our strength. Nearly 34,000 strong, your dedication propels our shared mission to keep businesses resilient and responsive.

To our users, your engagement and advocacy expand our horizons. Your insights and experiences are invaluable and help us refine and enhance our solutions daily.

The IDC tracker confirms our leadership, but the real victory is in the value we deliver every day. As the digital threat scape expands, so does our resolve to not just respond, but anticipate and adapt to whatever comes our way. Our promise? Continuous innovation, relentless improvement, and unwavering support.

Thank you for being part of this journey. The path ahead is challenging, but together, we are unstoppable in our goal for complete data resiliency.

Together, we lead. Together, we protect. Together, we succeed.

Thank you again.

Anand Eswaran

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