V12 for service providers: the toolset to build your cloud

Since the first version of Veeam Backup & Replication released in 2008, forward-thinking service providers starting on their virtualization-based IaaS journeys looked to leverage the innovative features of Veeam’s flagship product. As service providers evolved their offerings, Veeam has also evolved their platform to include more features and enhancements that could be used to build data protection services.

From basic IaaS backup to Veeam Cloud Connect Backup or Replication to Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, with every release that Veeam brought to market, Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners enhanced their offerings and added value to their own customers.

To help enable our partners, we released Veeam Backup Portal back in 2016, which is now Veeam Service Provider Console. This unique product is central to management, reporting, monitoring, deployments and licensing, allowing service providers to offer visibility to their own resellers and their tenants, or their own tenants directly.

At Veeam, our commitment remains steadfast in supporting our VCSP partners to be an extension of Veeam and our go-to market BaaS and DRaaS option backed by the new Veeam Data Platform.


Introducing the Veeam Data Platform

With the release of Veeam Backup & Replication v12, we also launched the new Veeam Data Platform, which is our suite of products that work together to offer data protection for workloads across multiple platforms and unlocks the mobility and portability of those workloads to avoid platform lock-in.

The V12 release brings new updates to our flagship product, Veeam Backup & Replication, but also a whole new release cycle of the platform, including:

  • Veeam ONE v12
  • Veeam Service Provider Console v7
  • Veeam Agents for Microsoft Windows and Linux v6
  • Veeam Agent for Mac v2
  • Veeam Backup for Red Hat Virtualization v3
  • Veeam Backup for Nutanix AHV v4
  • Veeam Recovery Orchestrator v6
  • Veeam Backup for Google Cloud v4

With the recently released Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 and the imminent releases of Veeam Backup for AWS v6 and Veeam Backup for Azure v5, the totality of the Veeam Data Platform opportunity for service delivery for partners is vast.


Unlocking the value of a software-driven toolset

The Veeam Data Platform helps partners unlock the value of their services by providing an ever-expanding toolset for the protection of workloads and data across many different platforms. With the well-established VCSP program, over 11,000 VCSP partners have found value in Veeam technology to deliver a wide range of services, with the speed and efficiency to create, manage and control their offerings, and scale their businesses.

From better management of backup repositories and security features, the number of enhancements delivered as part of the V12 release further solidifies Veeam’s position as a leader in the cloud and service provider space. With well over 500 enhancements, here are the top five that we feel unlocks the most value to service provider partners:

  1. Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for DRaaS

In V11, we delivered CDP for low RPOs for critical tier 1 workloads. In V12, we have extended this to include the ability for our VCSP partners to offer this to tenants by way of enabling CDP via Cloud Connect Replication targeting a VMware Cloud Platform. This brings DRaaS to the masses! Partners can now deliver a comprehensive DRaaS offering with a single platform — CDP, snapshot-based replication, and recovery from backups.

  1. Remote monitoring and management of Microsoft 365 backups

With tighter integrations between Veeam Service Provider Console v7 and Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v7, partners can directly manage Microsoft 365 workloads, including creating new or editing existing backup jobs, all from Console’s web-based UI. Partners can stay transparent with SLA-based reporting and offer customers and resellers access to a self-service restore portal to drive efficiencies.

  1. Remote monitoring and management of AWS and Microsoft Azure backups

Veeam Service Provider Console v7 also introduces direct deployment of AWS and Azure backup infrastructures — simplifying deployment while significantly improving operational efficiency. Additionally, new self-service capabilities allow managed clients to register their own cloud accounts. This streamlines the onboarding process, creating a positive customer experience and relieves service providers of additional administrative tasks.

  1. Veeam Cloud Connect Instant Recovery to vSphere

One of the more minor features of V12, but most requested, is the ability to leverage Veeam Cloud Connect Backup points directly from the Veeam Backup & Replication server to perform Instant Recovery back into vSphere. This opens the door for value added service offerings around recovery of workloads from Veeam Cloud Connect Backup, especially for partners delivering off-site backup services today.

  1. Direct to object storage

In many ways, this feature is a nod to the fact that object storage is becoming more prevalent across public cloud and on-premises infrastructures. By allowing Veeam Backup & Replication along with our Agents to target object storage directly, we have unlocked another way in which service providers offering object storage can generate revenue. We also now can have our Scale-out Backup Repository be object storage end to end.

  1. For a more detailed look at what’s new in V12, listen to this podcast.

Evolving landscape of hybrid cloud

It is in the service provider’s DNA to differentiate and innovate their offerings to provide a better customer experience. With the Veeam Data Platform now covering more workloads across different platforms, VCSP partners can build and offer services protecting workloads as they journey from on-premises to IaaS to the public cloud and beyond that into Software as a Service platforms. This is where their expertise really shines to deliver important business outcomes meeting specific requirements.


As backup and recovery becomes even more critical for businesses to remain viable, reducing recovery time by employing a VCSP partner leveraging the Veeam Data Platform makes for a smart choice for organizations. It’s exciting to see how the new V12 release will further enhance service provider offerings and provide the tools to build BaaS and DRaaS offerings, unlocking the power of the Veeam Data Platform.

Learn more about the latest release of V12 here.

For more information about the VCSP program and Veeam-powered BaaS and DRaaS solutions, click here.

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