Service Providers: The Veeam difference in BaaS for public cloud

Offering Backup up as a Service (BaaS) for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud can be challenging. You may end up trying to decipher the best solution just by combing through marketplace ads and descriptions. Deciding what’s needed and what’s not needed is crucial to ensure that you provide a cost-effective and efficient backup system that’s not only good for your customer but (let’s be honest) good for you as well.

Considering the number of workloads and applications moving into hyperscale clouds is expected to grow well into 2023, according to the 2022 Data Protection Trends report, its essential that you have a trusted public cloud data protection platform in place that is easy to deploy and operate while ensuring the management doesn’t take too much time out of your busy day. 

Let’s take a look at some of the common features Veeam Backup for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud share to help you and your customers get the most optimization out their public cloud backups.

Flexibility of choice

Hybridity is the way of the future. Your customers are looking to have their workloads mobile and have freedom of choice about where their backups sit. Customers are rapidly incorporating on-premises and partner-hosted infrastructure while leveraging the multitude of benefits that the public cloud offers, including a variety of platforms and storage hosting options. Veeam’s portable format allows you to unlock the mobility of these backups to span across hybrid environments. Whether looking to protect data in the public cloud or your data center, when you back up with Veeam, the backups intrinsically become portable — enabling you and your customer to decide on the most efficient and cost-effective location to store those backups, and which platform to restore to.

Multiple storage options

When it comes to storage, backup solutions need to be flexible in order to meet the many unique requirements your customers may have such as: compliance, regulatory requirements and long-term archiving. Veeam gives you the freedom of the best in class storage options in order to meet your customers’ business objectives. From high performance tiers down to long term storage options to meet compliance and regulatory requirements such as AWS Glacier, Azure Archive and Google Nearline for example.

Cost calculating and capacity planning

One of the biggest challenges service providers face when architecting a backup solution for their customers’ public cloud solutions is cost estimation. Because many service providers are working in public cloud environments on behalf of their customers, it’s important to have immediate feedback of future costs accrued. Veeam Backup for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud allow you to view an approximate monthly cost projection directly in the UI once you build out your policy. This gives you the ability to scale up or down based on budgetary constraints before any processes are initiated.

Multi-tenant remote monitoring and management is essential

Veeam has been committed to the success of our service provider partners since 2011. Since then Veeam has introduced many tools specifically designed to help service providers grow profitable BaaS and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) businesses leveraging the Veeam platform. One of those tools is Veeam Service Provider Console. Veeam Service Provider Console is a FREE web-based remote management tool that is custom built for Veeam cloud and managed service providers.

It easily integrates into your existing platforms and workflows to consolidate customer onboarding, licensing and billing, as well as powerful REST APIs to integrate into your existing platforms and workflows. Self-service capabilities give your customers the autonomy to self-manage workloads and set policies.

A a simplified user interface offers the flexibility to centrally manage and monitor all of your customers’ Veeam-powered workloads, including Veeam Backup for AWSAzure and Google Cloud. Enhanced integrations to simplify BaaS for public cloud workloads even further are expected in the very near future so stay tuned for that!


With Veeam, you’ll not only leverage the #1 Modern Data Protection solution to protect your customers data for any infrastructure — cloud, virtual, physical, SaaS and Kubernetes — but you’ll gain a true partner dedicated to helping you build reliable, revenue-generating Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings.

To get started streamlining your public cloud or hybrid BaaS offering, become a Veeam Cloud & Service Provider partner. It’s free to join, no obligation to buy and you’ll unlock exclusive products, pricing and partner perks designed for your services business.

Interested in offering BaaS but not looking to build out and maintain your own solution? As a reseller or MSP, you can simply partner with a Veeam Competency Partner that can provide you an a pre-built, out-of-the-box solution for most environments you need to protect.

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