Veeam Backup for AWS v8: A Leap Forward in Cloud Data Protection

Veeam, the global leader in Data Protection and Ransomware Recovery, has recently announced the release of Veeam Backup for AWS v8. This new version marks a significant advancement in cloud data protection. It introduces support for Amazon Redshift Clusters, and Amazon FSx alongside multiple user interface enhancements and scalability improvements for large deployments. Let’s look into the details of these exciting new features and improvements:

Amazon Redshift Backup

Amazon Redshift is a widely used cloud data warehousing solution that allows users to analyze vast amounts of data quickly and cost-effectively. With the introduction of support for Amazon Redshift clusters in Veeam Backup for AWS v8, businesses can now ensure the protection and availability of their critical data warehousing workloads. This feature allows users to perform incremental backups of Amazon Redshift clusters to backup vaults, with point-in-time restore capabilities to new clusters, ensuring data integrity and providing a quick recovery option in case of data loss or corruption.

Amazon FSx Backup

Amazon FSx provides fully managed file systems with native compatibility and feature sets for workloads such as Microsoft Windows File Server and Lustre. Veeam Backup for AWS v8 extends its support to Amazon FSx, enabling users to back up and restore their file systems into backup vaults and allows point-in-time restores of the file system. This addition is particularly beneficial for organizations leveraging FSx for high-performance computing, machine learning, and media data processing, ensuring their file-based data is protected against accidental deletion, corruption, and other potential threats.

User Interface Enhancements

Understanding the importance of a seamless user experience, Veeam Backup for AWS v8 introduces multiple user interface enhancements. These improvements aim to simplify navigation, streamline backup and recovery processes, and provide users with intuitive controls and visibility into their backup activities. With these enhancements, managing cloud backups becomes more straightforward, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than complex backup procedures.

Scalability Improvements for Large Deployments

As organizations grow, so does the scale of their data protection needs. Veeam Backup for AWS v8 addresses this challenge with scalability improvements, designed to support large deployments more effectively. These improvements include optimized resource utilization, enhanced job management capabilities, and better handling of large data volumes. As a result, enterprises can scale their backup solutions in tandem with their AWS workloads without compromising on performance or reliability.

Veeam Backup for AWS is now integrated with numerous AWS services as listed below:

Veeam Backup for AWS V8 represents another step forward in cloud data protection, offering support for Amazon Redshift Clusters and Amazon FSx. Coupled with user interface enhancements and scalability improvements, this new version provides businesses with a robust, efficient, and user-friendly solution for safeguarding their cloud workloads. Whether you’re managing a small deployment or a large hybrid/ multi-cloud environment, Veeam  delivers the features and performance needed to ensure your data is resilient, recoverable, and ready to support your business objectives.

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