Veeam Backup for Azure v7: Scalable Cloud Solutions

We are excited to introduce our latest release of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v7, packed with new features designed to enhance your cloud experience. At Veeam we know how important it is to easily manage your hybrid/ multi-cloud environment. We also understand that every environment is different, which is why we’re introducing support for Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB. In addition to adding Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB to our list of protected workloads, we have also improved our interface and scalability to make your environments more manageable. Together, these new features help ensure your data is backed up and recoverable, adding resiliency to your organization.

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

With its support for hierarchical data and flexible schemas, organizations use Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB NoSQL database for a variety of purposes. Azure Cosmos DB helps drive everything from retail and marketing metrics to personalized application experiences. Veeam Backup for Azure v7 adds orchestrated, native snapshots to Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and allows for effective database restoration. It also includes customizable backups for PostgreSQL that allow for full control over backup timing, intervals, and retention. Combining these features allows organizations to manage, backup, and restore data in the way that works best for them.

Azure v7 Brings Additional Improvements

We’ve increased support for scalability in large deployments. With improved scalability, organizations can now effortlessly scale their environments up or down depending on their needs. Not only does this ensure seamless performance but it gives organizations the freedom to make changes in real-time. We’ve also enhanced the UI/UX experience so that console users can find the information they need even more efficiently. Microsoft Azure v7 also creates copies of virtual network backups to Azure Blob, supporting storage of large amounts of data.

Microsoft Azure with Veeam Data Platform

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure, as an integral part of the comprehensive Veeam Data Platform, brings organizations the full range of benefits that Veeam has to offer. This includes seamless migration, storage, and management of data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, effectively breaking down the barriers of data silos. By utilizing a single platform for data management, organizations gain the efficiency and simplicity needed to maximize the value of their data assets. These capabilities are exemplified in our Azure Customer success stories, where businesses have realized the immense value of integrating Veeam Data Platform with Azure. For instance, a large healthcare organization achieved reliable backup and recovery for critical patient information by leveraging Veeam Data Platform on Azure. This integration provided enhanced resilience and security for their sensitive data. Similarly, a global manufacturing company embraced a hybrid cloud strategy with Azure and Veeam Data Platform, optimizing costs, improving scalability, and enhancing data resilience while maintaining compliance standards. These success stories show the power of combining Veeam Data Platform with Azure, empowering organizations across industries to unlock their data’s full potential, driving innovation and growth.

This seamless integration is essential for organizations to ensure smooth business operations and achieve increased resiliency in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. By leveraging Azure services and features such as Azure Cosmos DB, businesses gain enhanced scalability to manage expanding workloads effortlessly. They can capitalize on Azure’s scalable storage options, advanced analytics tools, and comprehensive security features, to optimize their capabilities. Furthermore, Veeam ONE provides comprehensive visibility and monitoring across these environments, enabling businesses to identify and address issues proactively, ensuring optimal performance and risk mitigation. Veeam ONE’s automation features streamline backup and monitoring processes, freeing up time and resources for organizations to focus on strategic initiatives. By combining Veeam ONE with Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v7 and Veeam Data Platform, businesses achieve end-to-end data management and protection, using the power of Azure while maintaining control and resilience. This empowers organizations to drive innovation, expansion, and success in their data-driven strategies.

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