What can you do to improve Cyber Resiliency for your Hybrid Clouds

Last week, a new Research Brief for Cyber Resiliency in the Hybrid Cloud was published that curated independent research or analyst bureaus from their unbiased panels into four key areas to consider:

  • Cloud-based services are key to protecting datacenters and cloud-hosted workloads
  • Clouds are just as susceptible to ransomware attacks, maybe more
  • Using one cloud to protect another is a good idea; using the same cloud to protect itself is not
  • The security, DR, cloud, and on-prem teams are not aligned; fix that first!

Also last week, our weekly Tuesday “Industry Insights” LiveStream series introduced some of the previously unpublished data – with a focus on understanding the attack surface that cyber villains are aiming at across hybrid clouds.

Next week, on November 7th we’ll be looking at the lessons learned from the research, as well as some of the hybrid-cloud technologies and approaches used to either prevent or remediate from cyber-attacks. Joining us on the call will be Leah Troscianecki where we’ll explore more of the unpublished data, as well as discussing some of Veeam’s technologies for increasing your cyber-resiliency across your hybrid clouds, including:

  • Immutable storage options for protecting on-prem and cloud-hosted data
  • Utilizing cloud-based infrastructure as a disaster (or cyber) recovery site
  • Why and how to protect cloud-hosted data using Veeam solutions and services


Click here to add the LiveStream to your calendar – and feel free to download the research brief.

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