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Veeam DataLabs

Accelerate innovation and improve operational efficiencies

Veeam DataLabs

Go beyond Availability and do more with your data
Veeam DataLabs Secure Restore is one of two new additions to Veeam DataLabs designed to help users maintain Availability and security by reducing the risks of malware

A gold mine of data, valuable to your organization, is wrapped up in your backups and replicas. Copies of your production data are sitting idle, collecting dust. Did you know you can leverage this data for use cases well beyond traditional backup, including faster application deployment, rolling out new upgrades and patches with less risk, DevOps, DevTest, and even security and compliance verification?

Adding to a longstanding ability to deliver confidence in the verification and recoverability of backups, Veeam® DataLabs™ goes beyond Availability allowing users to do much more with their data to:

  • Accelerate innovation and the pace of business
  • Improve IT operational efficiencies and reduce risks
  • Increase security and improve compliance management
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What’s new in Veeam DataLabs

Veeam DataLabs Staged RestoreNEW

Ensure compliance, including GDPR “right to be forgotten”
With Veeam DataLabs Staged RestoreNEW, you can ensure compliance, such as GDPR’s “right to be forgotten” data removal process, with custom scripts and automation, to help reduce the time it takes to review large volumes of sensitive data. Staged Restore makes it easy to immediately test your backups and then quickly migrate them into the production environment. By automating the process, organizations can ensure compliance and in doing so, save time and departmental resources.

Veeam DataLabs Secure RestoreNEW

Verify backups are safe and free of malicious malware
You work hard to keep your production environment virus-free, but malware events remain an unfortunate reality. In the event of an attack and the need to restore your environment, how do you know your backups are safe? Veeam DataLabs Secure RestoreNEW helps increase data security and reduce business interruptions caused by cross contamination. This capability helps verify backups are free and clear of viruses and malware by automatically scanning them with an integrated, patent-pending anti-virus software interface. Users can leverage Microsoft Windows Defender, ESET NOD32 Smart Security, Symantec Protection Engine and more, to ensure backups are safe, as well as effectively recover from malicious attacks, such as ransomware.

Accelerating the pace of business & minimizing risk

Veeam DataLabs enables innovation for application delivery, IT services, security, and compliance
  • Application Delivery
  • IT Services 
  • Security 
  • Compliance

Application delivery & development

Accelerate the pace of innovation and your agile delivery strategy with a more iterative approach, enabled by rapid testing and feature rollouts in virtual environments.

Developers can utilize this self-service method to spin up instances of a production environment as new features are designed, tested and rolled out. Continuously design new features simultaneously without disrupting the network or requiring more storage.

IT services & operations

Ensure successful updates and the continuous improvement of your IT infrastructure while deploying saved resources on new features and app development.

With Veeam DataLabs you can test new patches and updates in a sandbox environment before they go Live, to minimize negative impact on production, accelerate testing, and update rollouts more efficiently.


Proactively use copy data to avoid future security issues and address security incidents without unplanned downtime.

Utilize copies of data to test for vulnerabilities or perform forensic testing on flagged events or security incidents. With Secure Restore, users can perform anti-virus scans on all backup files planned for a restore, to verify the data is virus free.


Users can utilize copy data to evaluate compliance and proactively ensure GDPR mandates. With this, you can ensure compliance while minimizing the impact on your environment and reducing workloads.

With Staged Restore, users can streamline the GDPR data (right to be forgotten) removal process with custom scripts and automation and then immediately test and migrate the data to production.

On-Demand Sandbox

Accelerate innovation and the pace of business with isolated copies of production

Need to change the production environment, test a patch, research a security incident, upgrade a system or deploy a new application?

With On-Demand Sandbox™, you can easily start a copy of your production environment at any time for a variety of testing, security, training or troubleshooting purposes, including the following:

  • Troubleshoot issues before touching the production environment
  • DevOps — Avoid deployment problems by testing new applications and configurations
  • Train personnel on real production environment and data
  • IT Services/Ops — Test application upgrades and patches
  • Security Forensic testing — Research security incidents and flagged events
  • Application vulnerability testing — Test for security or compliance vulnerabilities
  • And more!

On-Demand Sandbox for Storage Snapshots

Benefit from Veeam’s strong alliances to leverage your primary storage investment

On-Demand Sandbox for Storage Snapshots combines Veeam’s trusted and time-tested, On-Demand Sandbox capability with our storage snapshot integration, giving you another way to leverage your primary storage investment.

Available for VMware vSphere and the world’s leading storage providers, On-Demand Sandbox for Storage Snapshots can be used to provision a complete isolated copy of your production environment in just a few clicks by running copies of production VMs directly from storage snapshots. This allows you to test updates or troubleshoot your production environment — plus a variety of other similar use cases — at the full speed of production storage and while never impacting production.


Improve operational efficiencies through backup verification

With SureBackup®, you can improve backup-related operational efficiencies by automatically verifying the recoverability of every backup, every VM (virtual machine), every time. SureBackup automatically starts VMs in an isolated environment, performs a set of tests and sends a status report to your mailbox, so you know if your VMs are recoverable at any time.

To verify if a VM backup is recoverable, SureBackup:

  • Automatically boots the VM in an isolated environment, directly from the backup file, which saves you hours compared to the time required by competing solutions to perform full VM recovery
  • Performs a series of tests against the VM such as heartbeat, networking and application status
  • Powers off the VM
  • Creates a VM backup state report

All access to the VM backup is read-only and changes are discarded when the process is complete.


Automatically verify the recoverability of every replica

With Veeam DataLabs, you can also automatically test every restore point in every VM replica for recoverability. SureReplica helps improve operational efficiencies by validating data for consistency, checking replica configuration accuracy and testing it for complete reliability by running it to the required restore point in an isolated lab.

Since a VM replica is essentially an exact copy of a VM with a set of restore points, the testing process is different than testing VM backups. SureReplica:

  • Automatically boots the VM replica to the necessary restore point in an isolated environment
  • Performs a series of tests against the VM such as heartbeat, networking and application status
  • Powers off the VM replica
  • Creates a VM replica state report

* Currently available for VMware vSphere only

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