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Undeniably, valuable data is contained in your backups and replicas. These backup copies of your production data typically sit idle, collecting dust and waiting to be used in a recovery scenario. Veeam can help you unleash your backup data and enable your workload administrators by unlocking multiple use cases that leverage fresh production data and agility to reduce costs. Achieve faster application deployment, mitigate risk by testing new upgrades and patches before rolling them out, and gain true flexibility for DevOps and DevTest.
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Gold mine of data waiting

Gold mine of data waiting
to be analyzed

Perform analytics against your data. Be aware of potential hidden security threats. Save time by easily providing access to your data for mining and analytics.
Accelerate dev test

Accelerate dev/test with
fresh data

Enable your developers and administrators with fresh production data. Spin up complete environments directly from your backups. Accelerate all of your testing.
Cloud actualize savings in the cloud

Actualize savings using the cloud
for testing

Unleash the power of your production data stored in backups. Use the agility and scalability of the public cloud for dev/test, troubleshooting and more.

Capabilities that enhance testing with fresh data

On demand sandbox

On-Demand Sandbox

Veeam makes it easy to deploy and test your backups by starting one or more VMs from backups, replicas or storage snapshots to create an isolated environment, fully fenced from production.
This critical data reuse feature ensures agility is at the core of your testing strategy.

  • Avoid sacrificing testing quality by using fresh, production-like data without disrupting your end-customer’s experience.
  • Stretch your environment to its limits by performing security analysis, forensic and vulnerability testing, and any other chaos-inducing disruptions you can think of!
  • Accelerate software development by testing software patches, upgrades and newly-developed applications with current data sets. 
On-Demand Sandbox
Veeam data integration api 01

Veeam Data Integration API

For many organizations, backup data is an untapped resource that, with a few clicks, could easily become the gateway to advanced-level data analysis and business intelligence. The Veeam Data Integration API offers access to backup data, enabling experts to do what they do best.

  • Leverage a set of PowerShell cmdlets to represent restore points and mount them in the right location for data reuse.
  • Mount backed-up data from VM backups, replicas or disks into a read-only Windows folder.
  • Unlock the potential of third-party integrations for data mining, data classification, security analysis, data forensics and eDiscovery.
Data Integration API
Cloud based testing

Cloud-based testing

You know you need to test, but when time and technology are no longer blockers, what’s stopping you? If it’s storage constraints, Veeam makes it easy to restore machines directly to AWS EC2 and Microsoft Azure to create a test environment in the cloud.

  • Execute restores without cumbersome pre-work by using a wizard-driven process to identify machines, restore points, cloud subscriptions and other critical steps.
  • Repurpose a wide-range of backup data, including Windows or Linux VMs, physical machines and even backups from AWS or Azure
Direct restore for cloud-based testing


What is data reuse?

Data reuse is the ability to make your existing data work to accelerate your business goals in new ways. For example, a gold mine of information sits dormant inside of your backups simply waiting to be tapped. Backup data is a fantastic source of fresh data, or data close to production, to be used for important testing operations — security and patch testing for example.

To best reuse your backup data, a solution like Veeam Backup & Replication can be used to instantly make your backup data available. The ability to be instant allows you to test with fresh data and accelerate other processes, including data mining and training — all from just a backup.

Can you use the cloud to test your backups?

With cloud being a naturally dynamic environment that can be used to run even the largest of data centers, it is natural to take advantage of its power to perform regular backup testing. Key capabilities found in specialized backup software will help you to not only use the power of the cloud for backup and recovery testing, but will also ensure that your data arrives safely to the cloud where it waits to be restored.

A solution like Veeam Backup & Replication can automatically migrate your backups to the cloud immediately after each backup. Data is kept safe and encrypted on its journey to the cloud, where Veeam takes advantage of immutability to ensure that the backups cannot be changed or deleted throughout their life cycle. Finally, Veeam’s next-generation Instant Recovery Engine can instantly spin up copies of your production environment in the cloud for backup and recovery testing without the cost or disruption of replicating your environment on premises.

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