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You can use Veeam Endpoint Backup to restore to a smaller disk and to resize volumes during recovery.
You can create a backup of the entire endpoint, specific volumes or perform file-level backup.
File-level backup allows you to select folders with files to back up and includes the possibility of adding file masks for exclusions or inclusions.
Veeam Endpoint Backup supports daily backup and provides a unique ability to execute backup at specific events such as at lock, at log off, and when backup storage is connected.
You can store the created backup on an external drive, in a netword shared folder or on the Veeam backup repository.
In case of a disaster, you can quickly restore the necessary item from the backup.
Veeam Endpoint Backup allows you to perform volume-level restore and file-level restore.
File-level restore mounts the backup and opens the built-in Veeam Backup Browser so you can restore your files easily.
In addition to creating a backup, you can create a recovery image to protect against a situation when your OS fails to boot.
You can use Veeam Endpoint Backup to perform bare-metal restore, restore volumes and specific files on your computer.
The Veeam Endpoint Recovery wizard provides advanced recovery options.
After you boot from the recovery image, you can utilize handy utilities for advanced computer administration.
Veeam Endpoint Backup provides support for BitLocker encrypted drives.
In the Control Panel, you view the state of performed backup sessions.
You can get information about all restore points or check details for a specific restore point.
You can use the Control Panel to fine-tune the backup settings.
You can store Veeam Endpoint backups on backup repositories.
Veeam Endpoint Backups can be archived to tape or copied to a secondary backup reposiitory.

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