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How to uninstall Veeam CDP VAIO filter driver manually

KB ID: 4151
Published: 2021-04-22
Last Modified: 2021-04-23


This article documents how to manually uninstall the Veeam CDP VAIO filter driver if Veeam Backup & Replication is not available for any reason and the Veeam CDP filter driver needs to be removed from VCenter and the ESXi hosts.

If Veeam Backup & Replication is available, the recommended method for uninstalling the I/O Filter is documented in the user guide. https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backup/vsphere/cdp_io_filter_remove.html


Prerequisite 1: Change the VM storage policy for all VMs that were protected by Veeam CDP from "Veeam CDP Replication" to “Datastore Default”, or another appropriate policy (see screenshot below). This change only needs to be done to the source virtual machines, the replica virtual machines should be deleted manually. After deleting the CDP Replica(s) there may be files that VCenter couldn’t delete automatically that will need to cleaned up manually (i.e. the folder on the datastore which contained the Replica VM).
Prerequisite 2: The ESXi host(s) must be in maintenance mode to uninstall the CDP filter driver.  VMware DRS can help mitigate the impact of this process.
Use VMware power-cli  to uninstall the filter driver with the following PowerShell script.
# connect to VCenter
connect-viserver –server  <vcenter>
# check the VAIO filter driver first (just to be sure that is no second VAIO filter driver in place)
# remove all VAIO filter drivers
Get-VAIOFilter |Remove-VAIOFilter
This script will removal all VAIO filters which are installed.
Once the filter drivers are removed, exit the ESXi hosts from maintenance mode. You can check the status of the filter driver directly on the ESXi hosts by connecting to them via SSH and running this command:
esxcli software vib list | grep -i vee 
The last step is to remove the “Veeam CDP Replication” storage policy from VCenter. Go to Menu -> Policy and Profiles -> VM Storage Policies -> select the “Veeam CDP Replication” policy and click delete.
KB ID: 4151
Published: 2021-04-22
Last Modified: 2021-04-23

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