Veeam Management Pack v8 for System Center


Veeam® offers two editions of Veeam Management Pack™ v8 for System Center.
Veeam Management Pack Feature
Enterprise Plus
Veeam MP for System Center MSRP MSRP
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per CPU socket Socket or CPU Socket
A CPU socket or CPU slot is located on the motherboard where you plug in the processor. The number of CPU sockets usually equals the number of physical processors on a server and depends on the actual model and configuration. Typical server models can host from 1 - 8 sockets/processors.
 for your region
$ 600
$ 900
Includes the first year of Maintenance & Support 
(a 20% or more value).
Topology views of storage, network and compute
    Maps relationships and dependencies between physical and virtual resources to show how problems affect your business.
Monitors for performance, events and availability
    See what’s going on in your environment with real-time data, monitoring and alerts to help you meet service levels and eliminate problems.
Report templates
    Analyze the health and performance in reports you create.
Advanced dashboards
    Get real-time performance views, customizable heatmap widgets and on-demand top dashboards with “traffic lights.”
Built-in knowledge base
    Decrease time to solve problems with expert guidance. Provides context to warnings and alerts, and offers corrective actions.
Host Security Profile reporting for vSphere
Partially supported
  Enterprise only shows current settings. Enterprise Plus tracks and reports security setting changes.
Capacity planning for hybrid cloud
    Analyze your on-premises virtual workloads to see needed Microsoft Azure or VMware vCloud Air resources.
Morning Coffee Dashboard™ & Report
    Get at-a-glance, real-time status of your virtual infrastructure.
Resource right-sizing
    Right-size your over/undersized VMs based on peak and average utilization.
Snapshot summary report
    Quickly determine snapshot aging, owner and justification.
Configuration tracking and alert correlation
    Determine whether configuration changes triggered specific alerts, so you can resolve problems faster.
Capacity planning and modeling
    Use “what if” modeling and trends to predict future needs, including when you will run out of storage.
Idle VM discovery
    Reclaim wasted resources from idle and powered-off VMs.
Availability and protection status
    See all valid Veeam backup recovery points for backup protection, including Veeam SureBackup(R) verification.
Restoration activity
    Know which Veeam backup VM was restored, who performed the restore, when and where. Includes all types of restore actions.
Top troublemakers
    Find the noisy objects that generate the most alerts.
Veeam Collector auto-deployment for vSphere
    Simplify installation for faster deployment to even the largest environments.
Failover data collection for vSphere
    Guarantees delivery of monitoring data with full redundancy of collectors, adds failover and load balancing.

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