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Veeam Explorer for Oracle

  • Flexible Oracle recovery
  • Point-in-time recovery
  • Oracle RMAN integration
  • Log truncation saves storage

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Fast, Transaction-level Recovery for Oracle Databases

Veeam® Explorer™ for Oracle delivers low recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives with agentless transaction log backup and transaction-level recovery of Oracle databases — so you can restore your Oracle database to a precise point in time, even to a specific database transaction.
Achieve Availability for Oracle databases with Veeam

Backing up and Restoring Oracle Databases with Veeam

You don’t have to be an expert in Oracle to back it up!

Whether you’re running Oracle on Linux, Windows or Solaris, Veeam makes transactional-consistent backups of Oracle databases by automatically enabling hot backup mode using one of the methods provided by Oracle, before taking an image-level backup.

As a result, Veeam Backup & Replication™ provides reliable, agentless, image-level backup for Oracle databases that run any supported operating system and hypervisor, with transaction log backup and replay capability so you can restore your Oracle database to a precise point in time and a specific transaction.

Oracle databases are often utilized for the most critical applications, yet restoring these databases is a complicated and time-consuming process. Now, anyone can do it with just a few clicks using Veeam Explorer for Oracle — even with zero Oracle expertise.

Veeam Explorer for Oracle opens a database directly from the compressed, deduplicated Veeam backup file, and by leveraging RMAN, provides flexible recovery options for:

  • Transaction-level recovery via transaction log review
  • Point-in-time database recovery via transaction log replay
  • Publishing or exporting your database, even as an RMAN backup
  • Oracle database recovery to the state stored in an image-level backup

Thanks to these advanced capabilities, Veeam Explorer for Oracle is an ideal granular recovery tool for tactical restores. It’s perfect when you need to recover an entire database to a specific point in time or just roll back the latest transaction.

And, when you need to recover your entire Oracle server, the fastest way to bring it back online is by using Instant VM Recovery™.

Oracle Transaction Log Backup and Replay

The key with recovery is to be able to do it in a way that minimizes data loss. For example, if someone deletes a record in a database table, restoring the whole virtual machine to last night’s backup isn’t the best way to recover from that situation, especially when multiple applications may be using that database server across different databases.

Transaction log backup and replay enables the extra recovery options with Veeam Explorer for Oracle by periodically copying online redo log files from the Oracle server to the backup repository. In conjunction with image-level backups, transaction log backups can be used to restore the individual databases to a specific point in time. Veeam Explorer for Oracle can present the transaction log in human-readable format, simplifying the task of locating and restoring to a specific transaction that is prior to the transaction containing the undesired operation.

Archived Logs Management

What about archived logs? Veeam Backup & Replication can take care of those too! Stop worrying about logs overfilling your Oracle server disks as there is no need to create, deploy and manage complex, error-prone scripts for archived log management with Veeam. Archived logs can now be truncated automatically after a successful image-level backup is taken, and you can control this process using flexible options that truncate logs based on their age or total size.

Database Publish and Export

New in Veeam Explorer for Oracle, you can now publish or export your Oracle databases directly from your backups. Publishing databases allows you to temporarily attach large Oracle databases to the target Oracle server without having to restore them.

Publishing databases typically occurs faster than using standard restore features and might be convenient in certain cases, for example, when your time to perform disaster recovery operations is limited. During publishing, Veeam mounts VMs disks from the backup file to a target machine, retrieves required database files, and attaches associated databases directly to your Oracle server so you can perform required operations using native Oracle tools.

In addition to publishing, you can also take advantage of time savings and production impact by exporting your Oracle databases directly from your backups, and can even export directly as an RMAN backup, further providing you with the flexibility you need when recovering or migrating Oracle.

Supported Environments

Veeam Explorer for Oracle supports the following versions of Oracle running on 32 and 64-bit Windows and Linux VMs as well as Solaris 10 and 11 running on x86, x64 and SPARC:

  • Oracle 12
  • Oracle 11

It is fully compatible with Oracle Automatic Storage Management, but Oracle Real Application Clusters are not supported. Visit our system requirements page for more information

Products and Editions

Veeam Explorer for Oracle is available starting with the Enterprise editions of Veeam Availability Suite™, Veeam Backup & Replication, and Veeam Backup Essentials™.

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