Behind the Scenes of VeeamON 2023 with Aubrey Gallen and Cassandra Banks | SOTTC Episode #03

Special VeeamON PodByte recorded Live at VeeamON 2023 in Miami

In this podcast, Aubrey Gallen and Cassandra Banks join Anthony Spiteri to discuss the hybrid nature of VeeamON 2023, which combines in-person and virtual experiences. We dive into the importance of human interaction in tech events and discuss the future of digital experiences.

This episode revolves around the central theme of what goes into planning a successful event like VeeamON 2023. This episode showcases VeeamON 2023 as a gold standard for hybrid tech events through its seamless integration of in-person and virtual experiences. Both Aubrey and Cass reveal that meticulous planning several months in advance is key to the event's success. While we acknowledge the potential of emerging technologies like VR and AR in future digital experiences, at the end we all agree that authentic human interactions at in-person events are crucial, particularly in B2B contexts, for building relationships and trust.

A Special Note from Anthony: A massive thanks to the girls for making this happen at VeeamON 2023 and I hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes and also give a ton of credit to those who make an event like VeeamON happen!

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