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The Veeam Community Podcast is focused on giving the global virtualization community a new resource for connecting with industry experts, bloggers and peers, as well as for staying up to date on the latest industry news, developments and trends. Each 30-minute weekly episode of the Veeam Community Podcast will be available through RSS subscription and the Apple iTunes store. The podcast is hosted by Rick Vanover, a writer, blogger, VMware vExpert, VMware Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified IT Professional and a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator. He currently works as Software Strategy Specialist at Veeam.

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E 118


Episode 118 Live from Atlantic Security Conference

In this episode, Rick Vanover (Twitter @RickVanover) and Clint Wyckoff (@ClintWyckoff) record alive episode from Atlantic Security Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.Rick and Clint provide a quick update on the Vanguard program as well as we hada chance to have a chance with two security experts.

Travis Barlow (@Travis_R_Barlow) is one of the board members of the AtlanticSecurity Conference and he offers a really good tip for preventing Cryptolockerin your environment! 

Jeff Mann (@MRJeffMan) from Tenable also was a guest and shared insightto PCI and security strategies as well as what’s next [...]

E 117

Veeam Community Spotlight: Matt Crape

Author: Veeam Software

Duration: 00:33:44


Episode 117 Veeam Community Spotlight: Matt Crape

In this episode, Clint Wyckoff hosts Matt Crape (@MattThatITGuy. Matt is a 1st time VMware vExpert, avid community contributor and renowned blogger

E 116

Veeam Vanguard Spotlight: Dave Kawula

Author: Veeam Software

Duration: 00:27:14


Episode 116 Veeam Vanguard Spotlight: Dave Kawula

In this episode, Clint Wyckoff hosts Dave Kawula (@davekawula). Dave is a Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management, Inaugural Veeam Vanguard, Community Evangelist and Independent Blogger ( Dave and Clint discuss the Microsoft MVP Program, Hyper-V 2016 as well as community events like TechMentor and MVPDays.

Mentions in the episode:
MVPDays - Use code VEEAM to register

E 115

Software Defined Storage 101 - 2

Author: Veeam Software

Duration: 00:29:56


Episode 115 Software Defined Storage 101 - 2

In this episode, Rick Vanover (@RickVanover on Twitter) hosts Rawlinson Rivera (@PunchingClouds on Twitter). Rawlinson is based in California and works for VMware in the Office of the CTO, as a Principal Architect in the Storage and Availability group. Rawlinson also writes the Punching Clouds blog.

E 114

Veeam Vanguard Spotlight: Rasmus Haslund

Author: Veeam Software

Duration: 00:28:19


Episode 114 Veeam Vanguard Spotlight: Rasmus Haslund
In this episode, Clint Wyckoff hosts Rasmus Haslund (@haslund). Rasmus is a vExpert, an Inaugural Veeam Vanguard and Independent Blogger Rasmus and Clint discuss the IT Pro Community, Instructor Lead Training and the IT Industry as a whole. Also in this episode Rasmus makes a large announcement!

E 113

Software Defined Storage 101 - 1

Author: Veeam Software

Duration: 00:32:26


Episode 113 Software Defined Storage 101 - 1

In this episode, Rick Vanover (Twitter @RickVanover) welcomes back Jason Perlow (Twitter @JPerlow). Jason writes the Tech Broiler blog at ZDNet and also writes the OffTheBroiler blog. Jason and Rick talk about a number of the approaches available today for delivering storage at a software-defined level, including network and server architectures from the various data center brands available today.

E 112

Veeam Vanguard Profile and update from System Center Universe

Author: Veeam Software

Duration: 00:25:37



In this episode, Clint Wyckoff hosts Thomas Maurer (@ThomasMaurer). Thomas is a 4 time Microsoft MVP for Hyper-V and an Inaugural Veeam Vanguard. During the day Thomas is a Cloud Architect for itnetx, gmbh, a consulting and engineering company based in Bern, Switzerland. Clint and Thomas recorded this podcast LIVE at System Center Universe in Switzerland. Also, appearing on this episode is Alec King, VP Product  Management for Veeam Software. Clint and Alec discuss the GA of the Veeam Management Pack for Microsoft System Center.

E 8

Special Episode VMDoug on Data Protection Gumbo

Author: Veeam Software

Duration: 00:18:31


Special Episode 8 – VMDoug on Data Protection Gumbo

In this episode, we are featuring Demetrius Malbrough (Twitter @dmalbrough)and Doug Hazelman (Twitter @VMDoug) from the Data Protection Gumbo podcast. Doug and Demetrius discuss what the Always-On Business in how it applies to the Modern Data Center. Additionally, how the last few years have seen a significant change in how the data center is protected.

E 110

Vanguard Spotlight with Cragdoo

Author: Veeam Software

Duration: 00:29:13


Episode 110 – Vanguard Spotlight with Cragdoo
In this episode, Clint Wyckoff (@clintwyckoff) hosts Craig Dalrymple (@Cragdoo). Craig is a Senior System Engineer at Brightsolid and is based in Scotland. Craig also writes the Cragdoo blog. Clint and Craig are doing the first series of a spotlight series to introduce the Veeam Vanguards to the community on the podcast.

E 109

VMworld 2015 We have a winner!

Author: Veeam Software

Duration: 00:32:23



In this episode Rick Vanover hosts Michael Hart (Twitter: @SSIT502) and Shawn Cannon (Twitter: @RollTideGA). Michael is based in Louisville, Kentucky and is involved in his local VMware User Group as well as the IT Hero at Single Source IT. Shawn is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is a blogger at vBrainstorm. Roger Lund (Twitter: @RogerLund) also co-blogs there at vBrainstorm as well! Michael is also one of our winners of a full pass to VMworld from a Veeam promotion.

Rick, Michael and Shawn talk at length about what is coming at VMworld 2015 in San Francisco. Apologies in advance as Rick outlines some of his favorite restaurants there! Everything from networking, sessions, hand-on labs an