Episode 131 - VMworld 2017 Recap with Jorge de la Cruz and Jim Jones

In this episode (episode 131) Clint Wyckoff (@ClintWyckoff) and Anthony Spiteri (@AnthonySpiteri) host Jorge de la Cruz (@jorgedlcruz) and Jim Jones (@K00laidIT) - Both are VMware vExperts as well as Veeam Vanguards. This episode serves as a recap of all the cool announcements that were made at VMworld USA and VMworld Barcelona. We talk extensively about VMware Cloud on AWS, vSAN and many of the other VMware related announcements as well as just VMworld in general.

Jorge blogs over at jorgedelacruz.es and Jim Jones can be found at koolaid.info

Show notes and links:

1.) https://cloud.vmware.com/

2.) https://cloud.vmware.com/vmware-hcx

3.) https://cloud.vmware.com/vmc-aws/pricing

4.) https://blogs.vmware.com/virtualblocks/2017/08/28/fast-tracking-distributed-new-hci-acceleration-kit/

5.) https://www.jorgedelacruz.es/tag/vmworld-2017

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