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Kasten K10 Release V6.5 delivers cloud native security and enterprise-scale innovations. It enables customers to deploy trusted container environments, enhances ransomware protection, and supports seamless large-scale Kubernetes environments. This release of the leading Kubernetes data protection platform fulfills the demand for iron-clad container security and expanding Kubernetes deployments.
Featured Capabilities

Cloud Native Security and Enterprise-Scale Innovations

Cloud Native Security

Proactively detect security attacks with advances in SIEM (Datadog) ransomware protection integrations, and capture Kasten-related activity in an extended audit log in a Kubernetes native environment.

Enterprise-Scale Kubernetes

Effectively grow your deployments without fear of reaching a deployment ceiling, ensuring that data is securely backed up so it can be restored reliably in a crisis.


Efficient, User-Friendly, and Future-Forward

Hardened Container Registry

Kasten K10 now supports the DoD's source for hardened and approved containers.

Ransomware Protection Advances

Integrations with SIEM (Datadog) proactively detects security attacks.

Trusted Software Release Supply Chain

Our software bill of materials serves as a trusted source of build information.

Multi-Cluster Management at Scale

Efficiently handle the scaling out of multiple clusters in a large environment.

VMs on Kubernetes With OpenShift Virtualization

Leverage Kubernetes to manage VM workloads & container workloads.

Automated Concurrent/Multiple Application Restore

Restore multiple namespaces and applications at the same time with ease.

GUI - Blueprint Binding

One Kanister blueprint that applies to workloads of the same type.

Data Protection of Oracle Container Platform

Kasten K10 can fully protect and migrate workloads deployed on OKE.

Azure Container Storage Support

Optimized Storage offering for containerized Kubernetes workloads.

Azure Linux Distribution Support

CBL-Mariner will soon be the de-facto standard for AKS nodes on Azure.

How it Works

Explore Kasten K10 V6.5

Kasten K10 enables seamless backup and restore, disaster recovery, and application mobility for Kubernetes applications at scale. With Veeam and Kubernetes, teams achieve radical resilience against ransomware attacks.

Simplifying Multi-App Restore

Quickly and easily restore multiple apps to your Kubernetes cluster. 

Protect Block Mode PVCs with Kasten  K10

It’s critical that data protection solutions protect K8s workloads.

Enhancing Ransomware Protection with Kasten K10 & Datadog 

Cloud-hosted services simplify K8s management and monitoring. 

Cross-Cluster Application Mobility With Kasten K10 and Red Hat OpenShif

Kasten K10 provides more freedom of choice with a broader selection of hybrid environments.

Application Data Consistency With Kasten K10 Automatic Fingerprinting

Kasten K10 provides deep integration with Kanister blueprints, allowing you to properly quiesce workloads before capturing data snapshots for backups.

Scaling Restore Operations With Kasten K10 Transform Sets

Lower your RTO for disaster recovery and eliminate the post-recovery manual remediation and rework that can lead to manual errors.

Packaging Options

Buying Kasten K10 for Kubernetes

Kasten K10 pricing is simple, it is node-based.

You can try Kasten K10 free using the Free Kasten K10 version or the Enterprise Trial.

The full Enterprise Edition is available through multiple procurement channels: Direct, partner or marketplace (e.g., Red Hat, AWS, SUSE).

FREE Kasten K10
  • Up to five nodes
Enterprise Trial
  • Up to 500 nodes for one month
  • One/three/five-year subscription
  • 24.7.365 support
  • No nodes limit


What is enterprise-scale?
Kasten K10 empowers enterprises to build Kubernetes deployments that support many locations or branches and increasingly diverse traffic patterns and types. 
What are hardened containers?
Hardened containers utilize container scanning tools to detect common vulnerabilities, remediate them, and share the result as a binary image. Kasten K10 hardened Kanister images are hosted on verified repository Iron Bank.
What are ransomware innovations?
Ransomware innovations available in Kasten K10 enable IT organizations to monitor their security posture using log files, and also detect and respond to Indicators of Compromise (IoC).
What is the significance of SIEM?
SIEM is Security information and event management for security event analysis. It allows security teams to streamline security workflows. Kasten K10 is integrated with Datadog SIEM in V6.5 with more integrations to follow.
What is an SBOM?
The SBOM, Software bill of materials, guarantees chain of custody for IT staff cataloging releases, and it is created on Iron Bank with each scan.
What is  multi-cluster management?
Multi-cluster management, only available in Kasten K10, supports large- scale out of the number of clusters that can be simultaneously deployed and supported.
Why is block mode support significant?
The benefit of block mode support is operational efficiency. Kasten K10 supports storage pools, no matter what file type.
What is the benefit of GUI Blueprint Binding? 
 One Kanister blueprint applies to Kubernetes workloads of the same type and is now available in the Kasten K10 GUI in addition to the CLI. 
What  is OKE data protection?
Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) data protection, now integrated with Kasten K10, enables more efficient and consistent deployments of Oracle environments. 

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With Veeam by your side, you have the flexibility you want for today’s
hybrid cloud and the confidence you need for long-term success.  

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