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Veeam is a Four-Time Leader and Outperformer

See why Veeam’s Kubernetes data protection solution outranks competitors

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Veeam Kasten for Kubernetes

#1 Kubernetes Data Protection & Mobility

  • Recover entire applications
  • Ensure security and resilience
  • Application mobility across platforms

Trusted Kubernetes Data Protection

Veeam Kasten Free provides Kubernetes-native data protection in your sandbox, on your infrastructure, or on any cloud for up to five nodes. Enable seamless backup and restore, disaster recovery, and application mobility, ensuring radical resiliency against ransomware attacks.

Recover Entire Applications

Rapidly recover entire applications – including underlying data and configuration – with confidence and ease.

Ensure Security and Resilience

Securely operate with built-in protection against cyberthreats with immutable, encrypted backups and self-service restores.

Application Mobility Across Platforms

Easily enable hybrid and multi-cloud operations with seamless application mobility across different infrastructure and distributions.


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Policy Automation

Efficiently manage entire application protection – including data inside and outside the cluster – at enterprise scale.

Granular Restore

Maintain total control over what artifacts and data to restore, including data-only restore for running applications.

Automated DR

Recreate entire application stacks into the same namespace, or a new one automatically.

Immutable & Encrypted

Safeguard data against ransomware and other threats by placing backups in an encrypted and WORM state.

Least Privilege Access

Granularly assign permissions to data protection operations and resources on a per-application level.

SIEM Integrations

Ingest and aggregate SIEM data for governance and real-time threat detection, investigation, and analysis.

Cross-Cloud Portability

Mobilize applications across namespaces, clusters, and clouds for DR, test/dev, and performance testing.

Transform Across Distributions

Easily modify the specific contents of K8s resources when restoring or migrating across environments.

VMs on Kubernetes

Migrate, modernize, and manage VMs on Kubernetes without refactoring the entire application.

Veeam Kasten Free

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Veeam is a Four-Time Leader and Outperformer

 Kubernetes applications require a Kubernetes native approach and Veeam’s Kubernetes data protection solution outranks competitors.

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Latest Release

Veeam Kasten V7.0

Unlock cloud native security and enterprise-scale Kubernetes innovations.

  • Ransomware protection for Azure
  • New OpenShift integrations
  • Recovery-focused enhancements


What is Veeam Kasten for Kubernetes? 
Veeam Kasten is a data protection platform that was purpose-built for Kubernetes. It provides enterprise operations teams with an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup and restore, disaster recovery,  application mobility, and radical resilience against ransomware attacks.
What free Veeam Kasten versions are available?
Veeam Kasten has two free editions: a five-node version (no time limit) and the Enterprise Trial version, which provides up to 500 nodes for one  month. Both are fully featured. 
Can the Veeam Kasten free version be converted to a true enterprise license?
Yes, either can be converted by entering into a subscription license agreement. Please contact Veeam sales for full details.

Radical Resilience is Our Difference

With Veeam by your side, you have the confidence knowing that you can
meet the IT needs of today and tomorrow.

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