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Veeam Kasten Use Cases

Scenarios for Kubernetes Data Protection

Veeam Kasten provides backup and restore, disaster recovery, application mobility, and protection against ransomware attacks.


Primary Use Cases for Veeam Kasten

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Backup and Restore
Protect Cloud Native applications and business critical data.
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Disaster Recovery
Meet regulatory and corporate mandates for your business.
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Application Mobility
Move entire applications between clouds and clusters.​
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Ransomware Protection
Protect your Kubernetes platform from intentional cyberattacks.

Kubernetes Market Research

of organizations use Kubernetes to manage and orchestrate their containers
struggle with managing backup & recovery for container-based applications in a hybrid cloud environment
have experienced at least one ransomware attack in the past year
say multi-cloud support for container backup is important

How Veeam Kasten Can Help You Protect Your Kubernetes Workloads

Purpose-built for Kubernetes, the Veeam Kasten data protection platform enables backup/restore, disaster recovery, application mobility, and ransomware protection for cloud native applications.

Backup and Restore

Kasten capabilities backup and restore

Application-Specific Protection

Automatically discover all the components of Kubernetes applications.

Policy-Based Backup and Monitoring

Manage backups at scale through dynamic policies.

Rapid Service Restores

Quickly and effectively restore your Kubernetes applications and data.

Disaster Recovery

Automated Disaster Recovery Workflows

Use policy-driven automation to manage how backups are securely replicated to off-site storage.

Automatic Import and Restore in Kubernetes Environments

Automatically import and restore application changes to a DR cluster.

Maintain Multiple Restore-Ready Backups for Kubernetes

Improve application resilience and elevate protection from single-volume failures and cyber intrusions.

Kasten capabilities backup and restore

Application Mobility

Kasten capabilities backup and restore

Reliable, Automated Workflows

Avoid the need for custom scripting and migrate applications.

Application Mobility With Automatic Import and Restore

Enable migration across different public or private cloud infrastructures.

Enhanced Application Mobility With Environment Isolation

Provide a direct and simplified path to update a production environment across various infrastructures and cloud platforms.

Ransomware Protection

Early Threat Detection

Raise an early flag on potentially malicious activity or imminent attacks.

Encrypted & Immutable Backups

Always have a safe and consistent copy of your application and data.

Accelerated Recovery

Quickly and effectively restore your Kubernetes application and data to minimize business downtime.

Kasten capabilities backup and restore
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Kubernetes Success Stories

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Customers Protected by Veeam

Cyberpeace institute
Software ag
itk engineering
Sopra steria


How does Veeam Kasten drive innovation in Kubernetes deployments?
Veeam Kasten fosters innovation by streamlining the management of stateful applications in Kubernetes, providing developers the freedom to innovate without worrying about data protection complexities.   
Can Veeam Kasten support DevOps in accelerating application delivery?  
 Yes, Veeam Kasten integrates with CI/CD pipelines to automate data management tasks, enabling DevOps teams to accelerate application delivery with confidence in their data resilience.  
How does Veeam Kasten contribute to cost optimization in Kubernetes?
Veeam Kasten optimizes costs by automating workflow processes and minimizing the resources needed for effective data management, thus reducing manual overhead and allowing for the optimization of resource utilization.  
How does Veeam Kasten address the most important needs of the Kubernetes communities through its use cases?
Veeam actively participates in Kubernetes and Cloud Native forums, and it solicits customer input to ensure that Veeam Kasten incorporates the most impactful updates to the solution delivered in a timely manner.  

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