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Veeam Agent for Linux FREE

  • #1 Backup and Recovery for Linux
  • Bare-metal restore 
  • Back up an entire Linux system or specific files
  • Console UI or command line

Simple, FREE Backup for Linux — Anywhere!

Backing up and recovering Linux Instances — whether they’re on premises or in the cloud — is often cumbersome, expensive and requires manual intervention and consumes an IT administrator’s valuable time.

The NEW Veeam Agent for Linux FREE is a simple backup agent that’s designed to ensure the Availability of your Linux Instances, regardless of if they’re deployed in the public cloud or on premises.

Linux agent backup Back up Linux-based servers and workstations with ease

FREE Linux Backup for Public Cloud and Physical Workloads

Veeam Agent for Linux FREE is a solution that can perform image-based backups from inside the guest system, both at the file level and volume level. True incremental backup is enabled using Veeam’s kernel module changed block tracking (CBT) functionality. And, the best part is that this module is distributed as source code!
Backup capabilities

Backup capabilities

  • Entire computer backup: Backup entire Linux systems while
    automatically excluding unnecessary files.
  • Volume-level backup: Use block-level backups for selected drives or
    volumes on your computer.
  • File-level: Choose individual file masks and folders to back up.
  • Built-in snapshot and CBT drivers: Get true incremental Linux backups enabled by Veeam’s kernel module with built-in volume snapshot capabilities and proprietary CBT capabilities.
  • Active full backups1: Meet your company’s backup policies by scheduling periodic active full Linux backups as needed.
Restore options1

Recovery options

  • Bare-metal restore: Restore your entire system to the same or different hardware.
  • Volume-level restore: Restore a failed hard drive or corrupted partition.
  • File-level restore: Restore individual files from any backup type in minutes!
  • Bootable recovery media: Create a recovery image of your Linux system on several different kinds of media and use it for volume or file-level restores.
1Requires Veeam Agent for Linux FREE v3 or later

More Backup and Recovery Options 

Veeam Agent for Linux FREE enables fast recovery for your Linux Instances, which translates into increased uptime. Perform on-premises restores from backups of individual Linux Instances in the public cloud or perform cloud-based restores of on-premises backups.

Veeam Agent for Linux FREE now includes:

  • Source-side encryption1: Encrypt your Linux backup data at the source, before it leaves the protected computer, which protects your data in flight and at rest on any backup target.
  • Snapshotless backup mode1: Back up critical files from any mounted file system.
  • Console UI or command line: Choose between a user-friendly UI or a more traditional Linux command line (via the veeamconfig command)
  • Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication 2: Take full advantage of Veeam backup repositories as target locations and leverage the existing capabilities for file-level recovery.
  • Configure network3: Obtain network settings from a DHCP server to allow you to browse to a backup on a network share.
  • Reboot3: Initiate a reboot of your Linux cloud Instance, on-premises server or workstation.

1Requires Veeam Agent for Linux FREE v3 or later
2Requires Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 1 or later
3Via bootable recovery media 

Recovery media restore Perform restores quickly and easily with Veeam Agent for Linux FREE
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Supported System Environments

Veeam Agent for Linux FREE is distributed as both RPM and DEB packages. It supports Linux kernels from version 2.6.32 and above as long as you use the default kernel of your distribution, which means even old installations can be protected. For more information, please review the Release Notes.

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