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Data is growing at unprecedented rates. You have more data, in more places, from more people than ever before. A large portion of this data requires management across performance, capacity and archive storage to meet your specific recovery and regulatory compliance targets. Many organizations are making the shift from tape to cold storage in the cloud for cost-effective, long-term archival. Veeam offers intelligent data life cycle management for backup copies to meet your goals and actualize savings across your storage investment.
Storage tackle proctecting unstructured data

Tackle unstructured data

Explosive, unstructured data growth is sprawling unchecked. Legacy protection methods are not keeping up with the pace. Protect your unstructured NAS data more effectively and recover faster.
Storage automate long term archival

Automate long-term archival

Backup data retention and life cycle management are key to your compliance strategy. Reduce archive costs to the cloud with intelligent automation, securely managing your data from backup to deletion. 
Management and automation unify backup management

Unite your backup storage

Windows, Linux, deduplication appliances — Easily unite and manage your disparate backup storage as a logical extent. Simplify operations and overall backup storage management with an easy-to-use interface.

Enhanced protection to maximize your storage investments

Storage storage snapshots

Primary storage integrations

Achieve High Availability through a combination of Veeam Backup & Replication and the world’s leading storage providers. Create true backups and replicas from snapshots as often as you’d like — even during business hours. 

  • Achieve even your tightest backup window goals with fast backups and replicas made directly from storage snapshots in combination with higher-frequented storage snapshot-only processing for VMs and physical Windows Server 
  • Dramatically reduce the impact of backup activities on your databases, applications and overall production environment 
  • Add even more flexibility to your RPOs and RTOs — initiate backups at any time or frequency with little to no disruption to operations and start restores and labs directly from storage snapshots as needed 
Backup from Storage Snapshots
Storage nas backup

Network-attached storage backup

Modernize and simplify the protection of unstructured file data at scale with powerful capabilities that bring flexibility to NAS data protection and recovery, greatly reducing storage costs while improving recovery times. NAS protection now costs 50% less with the VUL license

  • Faster incremental backups on commodity hardware for unstructured file data through innovative file change tracking
  • Reliable retention options for storing your unstructured NAS data with the ability to easily tier to the cloud for long-term archival
  • Flexible restore options, including entire share recovery for hardware loss or NAS migration, point-in-time share rollback to quickly recover from ransomware attack and file-level, with global search for day-to-day restores
NAS backup
Storage sobr archive

Scale-out Backup Repository

Easily federate your Windows, Linux and deduplication storage into logical backup repositories. Scale infinitely to the cloud. Select between higher-performance local targets or longer-term object storage in the Capacity Tier to meet your recovery and cost objectives.

  • Policy-based, backup copy management with Veeam’s three intelligent storage tiers: performance, capacity and archive
  • Automated data movement from hot to cold object storage tiers with new native support for Amazon S3 Glacier (including Glacier Deep Archive) and Azure Blob & Archive Tier Storage
  • NEW support for Google Cloud Storage for Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository Capacity Tier, providing greater choice in cloud storage targets 
Scale-out Backup Repository

Veeam Technology Alliance Program (VTAP)

Veeam provides customers with an ecosystem of industry-leading Alliance partners, allowing enterprises to unlock more value for their business. The VTAP ecosystem, including our Veeam Ready partners, provides a platform to address customer requirements for these primary use cases:

  • Backup Modernization: Achieve aggressive SLAs with improved performance, simplified operations workflow, and reduced RTPO
  • Data Security and Compliance: Utilize a comprehensive toolset to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance and enhance security requirements through data reuse, common reporting, and data integrity checks.
  • Hybrid Cloud Acceleration: Simplify organizations cloud strategies with a diverse toolset of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid solutions
  • Ransomware Protection: Prevent and stay proactive with Joint Veeam and alliance partner solutions providing a multi-layered approach.
Veeam ready repository
Veeam ready object
Veeam ready object with immutability
Veeam ready tape
Veeam integrated


How does NAS backup work? 

Traditionally, NAS data was protected by performing data dumps with NDMP, which was created in 1996 and reached end of development in 2010. Standard NDMP data protection operations are commonly limited to full backup and recovery and often have recovery location restrictions, even down to the model of NAS that can accept the recovery.

Veeam NAS backup redefines data protection for the world of massive file data with flexible support for SMB, NFS, Windows and Linux file servers without the hassle or restrictions of NDMP backup and recovery.

Veeam provides a unique change file tracking engine that ensures fast incremental backups take place and that only the changes since the last backup are captured. In addition, this methodology provides understanding for what has changed since the last backup in an extremely fast and efficient way.

Do I need specialized storage for backups? 

Not at all! Backups can be written on any storage that the parent system can see and has access to for writing data. While there are options for purpose-built backup appliances, they are not necessary, considering the wide array of virtualization and primary storage options available in today’s market. 

It is, however, best practice to dedicate storage just for your backups and choose which storage works best for your recovery needs.

For example: 

  • Backups that are required for short recovery time objectives (RTOs) are best kept on high-performance storage until they are ready for archive 
  • Backups intended for immediate archival do not need to consume more expensive, high-performance storage and can be sent directly to tape or cold cloud storage 

Solutions like the Scale-out Backup Repository from Veeam provide flexibility, which allows you to add any disparate storage to create logical extents for backup. Include cloud storage into the mix to take advantage of backup life cycle management from your on-premises high-performance storage all the way to archive in the cloud. 

How does backup from snapshots work? 

Storage systems of all types from many vendors on the market today possess the ability to create snapshots of their data. Snapshots minimize both the data traffic and the load required to create them compared to a backup. Commonly, a storage snapshot is a point-in-time image-level view of data. Like a photograph, it is a recording of what was where at that specific moment. 

A storage snapshot does not consume any space by default when it is created. They are created instantly and ready to use within seconds. Storage snapshots are often commonly used to get recovery point objectives (RPOs) down to minutes.

Storage snapshots enable implementing short-term data protection with very low RPO and impact on your production system, which greatly complements classic data protection with a solution like Veeam Backup & Replication. Veeam leverages storage snapshot operations from many vendors to orchestrate application-consistent snapshots, ensuring that applications and OS files are quiesced and ready for protection at the time of backup.

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