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Keep ransomware out with native immutable, tested backups

Managing, protecting and retaining mountains of data is a monumental task. Meeting compliance, minimizing audit risk and defending against cyberattacks further adds to the complexity. With ransomware and bad actors lurking at every turn, data security is paramount for customer privacy and business success. Veeam offers a path of confidence by helping you store, secure and recover your backup data with confidence for its entire life cycle.
Security safe from cyberthreats

Keep data safe from cyberthreats

Protection from ransomware is critical to any modern data protection strategy. Veeam helps you prepare, detect and prevent against attack for the entirety of your backup data life cycle.
Veeam disaster recovery orchestrator vdro vao automated testing

Test for recoverability

Recovery assurance truly only comes from testing, but it may not always be a priority for most businesses. Let Veeam take the wheel with automated testing to guarantee recoverability.
Security avoid re infection

Avoiding (re)infection 

Compliance requirements are driving longer-term data retention needs for more data than ever before. Veeam helps retain that data at-cost, but also ensures ransomware stays out of the picture.

Smart, automated security capabilities for your backup strategy

Security immutability ransomware

Immutable native backups

Stop ransomware in its tracks, ensure backup compliance and safeguard your recoverability with immutability for your backup copies. Automate both the protection and downstream security of your backups for the duration of their life cycle, on premises and in the cloud.

  • Protection without lock-in with the NEW Hardened Linux Repository that stores backups on immutable storage, preventing modification or encryption
  • Cloud backups are recoverable, off site and 100% protected from ransomware with Amazon S3 Object Lock Immutability 
  • Reduce the delta between primary storage and backups with automated backup copy to object storage, achieving the 3-2-1-1-0 Rule faster than ever

Read the SEC 17a-4(f), FIRNA 4511(c) and CFTC 1.31(c)-(d) WORM compliance assessment1

Immutable native backups
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Immediate testing of security patches

With new malware threats being delivered daily, it has become very difficult to quickly test day-zero patches and protect yourself from the latest threats. With Veeam, you can reduce your response time, mitigate risk from infection and trust that your data can be protected from threats as soon as they hit the radar.

  • Perform immediate testing of patches against fresh production data with Veeam DataLabs On-Demand Sandbox
  • Achieve assurance when you need it with non-disruptive testing — test more frequently, scheduled or on-demand, for increased confidence
  • Harness the power of speed with one-click automated testing when paired with Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator
Direct restore for cloud-based testing
Security sure backup verify no infection

Tested and ready for recovery with SureBackup 

Deliver confidence to your organization while improving recovery-related operations by automatically verifying the recovery of every backup, replica and snapshot. Keep ransomware out for good and trust your future restores thanks to automation that scans the backup for malware.

  • Built-in automation increases the reality of testing on a regular basis to ensure recovery assurance across all scenarios
  • Isolated testing processes offer a non-disruptive (and non-destructive) environment that keeps production data safe
  • Automatic scans provided through a patent-pending interface that integrates with trusted antivirus and malware solutions 
Security secure restore nothing bad comes back

Bring your data back safely with Secure Restore

Increase data security and reduce interruptions that are caused through cross-contamination of data during recovery. By verifying that your backups are free and clear of viruses and malware, you know that it is safe to recover the data without threat of initial or reinfection.

  • Prevent (re)infection from backup data that may have undetected latent malware that has not yet been activated
  • Automatic scans provided through a patent-pending interface that integrates with trusted antivirus and malware solutions
  • If malware is detected, abort or restrict restore operations apply, including restoration to an isolated environment to maintain integrity of the broader dataset 
Secure Restore


Why is it important to test your backups? 

Recovery data testing, or testing that you can actually recover from your backups when needed, is a task that is challenging in nature. Surveys routinely show organizations test far less than they should to achieve data recovery and compliance goals.

Data testing for both general recovery and disaster recovery begins with testing the backup data:

  • Was everything protected without errors?
  • Is the backup free from virus and malware?
  • Can the data be recovered from the media?

The right data protection solution, like Veeam Backup & Replication, will help you to do just these things — in an automated fashion so that you can focus on other IT initiatives while remaining confident that you are ready for recovery at any moment and ready for disaster should it strike.

What is an immutable backup? 

An immutable backup cannot be altered in any way or deleted throughout its life cycle while it lives in storage on premises and in the cloud. Considering that cyberthreats are cited as a top concern, companies are seeking ways to keep their data safe.

Taking advantage of built-in immutability systems that exist in Linux filesystems and S3 storage, the backup is guaranteed to be safe and ready for recovery, thus making it very attractive for long-term retention and general archival.

Backup solutions, like Veeam Backup & Replication, take the guesswork out of securing your backup data by using automation to create natively immutable backups in Linux storage and Amazon S3 storage. By ensuring that immutability is set at the time of the backup or backup copy creation, your backup data is safe from ransomware encryption and any other threat that would seek to compromise your data.

How can you avoid reinfection when restoring data?

Sometimes you just can’t avoid having to revert back to your archived backups to restore the data that you need. Considering the constant threat from ransomware and other cyberthreats, how can you avoid becoming infected from old data? There have been many cases where infected data lived in the backups, only to be discovered at the time of recovery.

Applications that place your data’s security first, like Veeam Backup & Replication, provide simple, automated processes to keep you protected from reinfection when recovering old data. Veeam includes a Secure Restore that performs automatic scans provided through integration with trusted antivirus and anti-malware solutions.

1 The content and conclusions of this assessment are not intended, and must not be construed, as legal advice. Relevant laws and regulations constantly evolve, and legal advice is tailored to the specific circumstanced of the organization. Therefore, nothing stated herein should be substituted for the advice of competent legal counsel.

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