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Veeam enables seamless migration into #CloudMTS cloud and business continuity for Russian companies
We focus on hardware and software vendors who are recognized as leaders in their industry. For many years MTS has been using Veeam to protect its own corporate infrastructure. The Veeam solution has proven to be user friendly and easy to operate, so using it for our cloud offering was an obvious choice, one that will deliver huge benefits for #CloudMTS and our customers.
Yelena Sinegubkina
Head of the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) department

The Business Challenge

#CloudMTS customers cover many sectors, including large retail chains, banks, ecommerce companies who all demand uninterrupted business continuity and data protection.

The provider has implemented thousands of projects for international and Russian companies including ABBYY, Hunkemoller Russia, British American Tobacco Russia,Medsi clinic chain, Tutu.ru platform, Honeywell in Russia, Gazprombank Avtoleasing.

It’s an essential role of the cloud provider to maintain the continuous operation of its customers. To make the most of the business benefits offered by the cloud, its customers need a solution for data management with full control across all environments. #CloudMTS needed to ensure that it was protecting its own internal cloud infrastructure and to therefore deliver comprehensive data management to its customers; failure to do so would have a catastrophic impact on its business and reputation in the industry.

The Veeam Solution

Data backup and protection are not only important stages of IT-infrastructure management but also vital tools for business continuity. Offering a comprehensive data protection solution #CloudMTS assures its customers in service reliability and enables their data hyper-Availability.

“Three years ago, when the service provider was launched, #CloudMTS had chosen Veeam® to solve a number of goals. The first one was backing up our own internal cloud infrastructure, the so-called management segment,” says Yelena Sinegubkina, the head of IaaS department at #CloudMTS. “The second one was offering backup services for #CloudMTS customers”.

“Unlike other backup solutions on the market, Veeam had a convenient web-based control panel that could be integrated with vCloud Director, the internal control panel for VMware-based cloud platform. This allows #CloudMTS to offer customers with a self-service backup. The customers can manage backup policies via the web-based control panel of Veeam Enterprise Manager: to run jobs for backup of virtual machines, to define frequency and depth of backups, to conduct their own recovery,” explains Sinegubkina.

Veeam also delivers a solution for data replication. This enables #CloudMTS to offer seamless migration service to its customers. With Veeam, customers can perform migration on their own without the need for external provider specialists. A number of Russian companies have already used the solution and migrated their data with minimal downtime.

One example of a large Russian retailer’s migration: The company faced the challenge to migrate testing environments from on-premises to the #CloudMTS site in Moscow. “Workload portability process was accomplished without affecting business. The speed depended directly on the bandwidth of the communication channel between the customer’s site and the provider. In total, the retailer had transferred 24 TB of data to the #CloudMTS cloud. Switching from on-premises to the #CloudMTS site was performed when the system has the lowest load. This happened on a weekend, the system’s downtime was no more than 10-15 minutes, and it has absolutely no damage to the data Availability” says Sinegubkina.

Another customer is a mining company that migrated its corporate systems to the Novosibirsk site in the same way. According to the migration plan, it transferred about 10 TB of data with no impact to business operations within a week Customers already using Veeam Backup & Replication™ on their own remote site can also use Veeam Cloud Connect to set up additional storage for backups in #CloudMTS cloud. “For example, one of our customers transfers to our repository backups of about 150 virtual machines daily,” Sinegubkina adds.

The provider also offers backup services with Veeam Agents for customers who use hybrid environments with physical servers and virtual machines. Using this solution customers can manage application backups by way of a single web-based Veeam Service Provider Console, as well as maintain low RPO figures to reduce the number of data loss.

One of the most popular offerings from #CloudMTS is Backup as a Service (BaaS), or backup of virtual machines located in its cloud infrastructure relying on Veeam’s Backup & Replication solution. Since the cloud platform is based on several geographically dispersed sites, the customers could use the virtual infrastructure to place their information systems on one site and store their backups on another. It lets the customer to lower costs, reduce the workload on IT, improve security and leverage the skills of the experienced service provider.

“One of our customers uses virtual infrastructure at the Moscow site, and stores backups in a repository at the St. Petersburg site. Typically, many customers have the bandwidth problem in such cases with the backup to remote sites, but we master it with our backbone channels,” Sinegubkina explains. This approach has helped the customer to enjoy the benefits of agility and economics, further improving its data protection strategy.

With industry leading Cloud Data Management™ solutions by Veeam and backbone (baseline) network and expertise of #CloudMTS the customers can be confident of their data protection. Integration between Veeam and VMware vCloud Director used in #CloudMTS offers the customers a convenient option for managing backup copies without complexity.

The Results

  • Data security and Availability solutions to support ongoing business growth and customer acquisition of #CloudMTS
    With Veeam solutions the service provider guarantees high security of its customers’ data and helps clients organize additional storage with increased reliability of backup storage and data Availability.
  • Complete Cloud Data Management solutions to meet market demands
    With Veeam the customers have got a solution that supports efficient backup across all platforms, along with rapid recovery and data portability across various cloud environments.
  • The customers of #CloudMTS successfully move their workloads to the cloud without impact to business continuity
    Veeam Backup & Replication helps companies migrate to the cloud with downtime reduced to a minimum.


#CloudMTS is one of the largest cloud providers in Russia. Cloud infrastructure is deployed in its data centers based in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, and other cities. Cloud locations are also available in Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan. All the Russian data centers are linked by #MTS’s fiber-optic lines: total length of baseline network is more than 200 000 kilometers with bandwidth load at 2,5 Tb/s. The cloud infrastructure of #CloudMTS comprises several hundred of VMware hosts. The service provider offers single SLA for all services and 24\7 customer support. The service provider has over 600 customers all over the country including leading retail, manufacturing, banking and e-commerce companies.


Its customers have different needs in data management and protection, but everyone requires data security and round-the-clock Availability because even a small period of customer downtime might impact business operations and result in financial losses and significant reputational damage for the service provider.

Enabling data protection, business continuity, data management in hybrid environments, supporting DR strategies for the customers and also backing up its own internal cloud infrastructure were important business challenges for #CloudMTS’ for sustained growth and customer acquisition.


  • Data security and Availability solutions to support ongoing business growth and customer acquisition of #CloudMTS
  • Complete Cloud Data Management solutions to meet market demands
  • The customers of #CloudMTS successfully move their workloads to the cloud without impact to business continuity