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Veeam offers us a solution that we can use to provide service to a wider range of clients


HiberniaEvros Technology Group looks after approximately 1,700 virtual machines (VMs) for its clients and 60 VMs on its internal systems. The majority of clients’ VMs reside in their respective datacenters, and HiberniaEvros hosts the rest. When the timeframe to back up hosted VMs expanded to 24 hours, the company began researching other backup options.

“Our first goal was to find a fast, reliable and extremely scalable VM backup solution that we could use internally as well as recommend to our clients who have rapidly growing virtual environments,” said Joe Brady, Senior Infrastructure Architect for HiberniaEvros. “Also, we wanted to find a replication solution to serve companies that abide by strict disaster recovery (DR) requirements.”

Not only did HiberniaEvros find a powerful and scalable VM protection solution offering 2-in-1 backup and replication, the company also saved €20,000 in backup hardware costs, created a new revenue stream and grew its client base.

Veeam Software: Support from Start to Finish

Brady and his colleagues chose Veeam® Backup & Replication™. It combines backup and replication in a single solution and provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

“We only recommend solutions to clients that we trust completely, and Veeam falls into that category,” Brady said. “In terms of speed and efficiency, Veeam was definitely the fastest and most reliable for VM backup, reducing our backup window in one large environment from 24 hours to five. What we didn’t expect were the substantial savings associated with this solution. For example, Veeam’s built-in deduplication reduced backup storage space by 50%, and we put that savings toward longer retention. We also saved more than €20,000 in backup hardware, which is more than it cost us to purchase Veeam licenses.”

In addition to saving money, Veeam Backup & Replication helped HiberniaEvros start a new revenue stream and increase its client base.

“With Veeam we’re offering our clients the ability to replicate their VMs to our cloud for DR,” Brady explained. “This is the ideal solution for companies that must adhere to certain regulatory requirements. Veeam offers us a solution that we can use to provide this service to a wider range of clients.”

Stephen Seagrave, Support Engineer for HiberniaEvros, works directly with clients on technical support issues. “If they have a problem with their systems, they go to our cloud and quickly recover their replicated VMs,” he said. “They’re amazed how quickly they can bring their systems and applications back online.”

Seagrave said clients are also amazed by Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery, which lets them restart a VM from a backup in two minutes or less. The feature is made possible by Veeam’s vPower™ technology, which runs a VM directly from a compressed and deduplicated backup file on regular backup storage.

“Our clients really appreciate the time they’re saving with Instant VM Recovery,” Seagrave continued. “It saves us a good deal of time too, whether we’re retrieving VMs for our hosted clients or for ourselves. When one of our web portal VMs went down and our clients couldn’t connect with us, we used Instant VM Recovery to restore the VM in minutes. Before Veeam, this would have taken hours, and our clients would have been very unhappy with us. If we had been offline for hours we wouldn’t have met our service level agreements. Veeam really saved the day.”

Another Veeam capability that helps HiberniaEvros supports its clients is U-AIR™ (Universal Application-Item Recovery). It enables quick recovery of individual objects from any virtualized application without using agents, additional backups or software tools.

“We use U-AIR to restore databases from SQL Server or emails from Microsoft Exchange, and we don’t have to restore the entire VM to get them,” Seagrave explained. “Rather, we extract the exact item we need from the backup file.”

Virtualization Management Expertise

HiberniaEvros recommends another Veeam solution to its clients: Veeam ONE™ for powerful, easy-to-use and affordable monitoring and reporting for vSphere and Hyper-V.

“Just like Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam ONE is easy to install and use, which our clients love,” Seagrave said. “Veeam ONE delivers what matters most to administrators such as reports that show a tiered view of what they’re running, when they should add more resources and when they should clean up their virtual environments. Veeam ONE also saves them time because it points out issues straight away. They can troubleshoot utilization or performance concerns before they become problems that take hours to fix. Veeam ONE gives our clients maximum visibility of their virtual infrastructures, and it’s so user-friendly.”

Because Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam ONE are easy to use, Seagrave said their clients rarely have support issues. “We spend far less time troubleshooting issues with Veeam than with any other data protection or virtualization management software. However, if we do have a problem, we know Veeam support will help us resolve it quickly, which really gives us peace of mind. We have confidence that if something goes wrong, we can call someone to help us resolve it quickly.”

Veeam provides multiple support methods for its partners including technical, marketing and client referrals. Veeam also offers a free, online professional accreditation program through Veeam University.

“Veeam University is great for onboarding new staff members, Seagrave said. “The information provided is clear and concise and gets them up to speed in hours rather than days. We expect a lot from our colleagues, and we also expect a lot from our partners. Veeam provides solutions we can trust and a level of support that is extraordinary. We’re working with quality software and quality people.”

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