Veeam Helps Inchcape Reduce Operating Costs by 50% saving thousands of dollars
Veeam is our important strategic partner. We confidently implement all new solutions and services knowing that Veeam protects them.
Alexander Lezhnin
Head of the Department of Infrastructure and Security
Inchcape Russia

The Business Challenge

Inchcape Russia has an IT infrastructure that has been 99% virtualized with several hundred VMs and about 300 terabytes of data. To remain as leaders in a highly competitive car dealership market, it was necessary to provide quality services to its customer base. All business areas including sales, insurance, crediting and warranty services rely on the availability of data so it can function effectively.

“Without IT systems, we will not be able to sell, serve or simply provide information. For example, a mechanic will not be able to start doing his job without access to IT systems,” said Alexander Lezhnin, Head of the Department of Infrastructure and Security, Inchcape Russia.

Saving archived backups is a very important infrastructure component for Inchcape’s IT estate. If there is a dispute with an OEM partner, it may be necessary to retrieve historical data up to 10 years old. Not being able to retrieve evidential information could result in financial losses, a damaged reputation, or even a loss in market share. In addition, Inchcape intensively uses document flow and mail service – often with a need for the fast recovery of user documents and letters.

The Veeam Solution

Inchcape’s previous backup and archiving solution was unstable, inflexible and demanded considerable manual processes. Retrieving data would take up to three days. Recovery times also increased because the old system saved and restored backups directly into Tape Drives. Inchcape, therefore, decided that it had to minimize recovery time by implementing an Intelligent Data Management solution. “We decided to purchase Veeam, so we could perform backups easier and cheaper. Compared to traditional tools, virtual machine recovery is now 10 times faster.” says Alexander Lezhnin.

Inchcape’s aging cassette-based backup platform required ongoing expansion and management costs. While tape was still a viable media to use for backup, the company chose to implement Veeam. Almost instantly Inchcape benefitted economically as operating costs were reduced by 50% saving the organization thousands of dollars. “The company has not only benefited directly from the reduction of operating costs, but lowered risks. As we no longer use cassettes, we do not lose them and do not spend money on them,” says Alexander Lezhnin.

Inchcape were also able to free up human resources. Staff can now focus on higher priority tasks. “We understand that the costs must be justified and bring benefits. We do not like to lose, so we carefully consider all our expenses. The decision to use Veeam turned out to be cheaper and at the same time, safer”, says Alexander Lezhnin.

Looking to the future, Inchcape is constantly aiming to develop new systems and applications, so they can continue to operate as a key strategic partner to the world’s foremost premium and luxury car brands. Engaging at every stage of the post-factory automotive value chain for their OEM partners, data availability and integrity will enable the company to provide highly efficient and customerfocused offerings. To achieve this, Inchcape not only know that Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery capability will speed up data recovery times, but have the added comfort that their infrastructure remains stable. “Veeam is our important strategic partner. We confidently implement all new solutions and services knowing that Veeam protects them”, says Alexander Lezhnin.

The Results

  • Remain as the world’s most trusted automotive distributor and retailer
    Implementing Veeam’s solution has provided Inchcape with a stable IT platform which underpins customer-centric offerings and services to OEM partners.
  • Saving thousands of dollars by reducing operating costs by 50%
    Using Veeam’s automated backup and recovery functionality, Inchcape can keep IT systems running safely across all departments, without wasting money on storage, maintenance and human resource costs.
  • Reduce data recovery times tenfold
    By taking advantage of Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery capabilities, a feature within Veeam Backup & Replication, Inchcape’s virtual machine recovery is now significantly faster than using traditional tools.


Inchcape dates back to 1847 as a transport and export company, and since 1973 has been active in selling new and used cars, providing after-sales service, as well as lending and insurance. Today, Inchcape is the world’s largest independent car retailer. Operating in nearly 30 countries, Inchcape represents 18 brands and serves hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Inchcape in Russia has 11 dealer centers in Moscow and eight in St. Petersburg.


In a highly competitive premium and luxury automotive sector, Inchcape not only needed to provide worldclass products and services but had to reduce costs and streamline business processes. The company needed to increase the recovery rate of archived data, simplify routine recovery procedures and backup archived management information - across multiple sites.


  • Remain as the world’s most trusted automotive distributor and retailer
  • Saving thousands of dollars by reducing operating costs by 50%
  • Reduce data recovery times tenfold