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IT Team Achieves 5-Minute RTO with Veeam Backup & Replication

In short, Veeam works really well. Furthermore, it delivers a great price/performance ratio.
Markus Angerer
Manager of IT Services Zaunergroup, Zaunergroup Holding GmbH


With offices in Austria, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Romania and Slovenia, Zaunergroup designs and builds manufacturing plants for the oil, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, artificial snow and energy industries.


Implement a comprehensive backup strategy for the new virtual environment that restores VMs quickly.


  • Efficient, easy-to-use VM backup that provides reliable protection of the virtual infrastructure
  • 5-minute RTO to ensure business as usual
  • Verified recoverability of every backup

About it-TREND:

With offices in Upper Austria, Vienna, and Carinthia the companies MyServices GmbH and it-TREND has focused on data center virtualization for more than 10 years. They partner with Microsoft, VMware, HP, EMC² and Veeam Software to help organizations plan, implement, and maintain virtualized infrastructures. For more information, contact

The Business Challenge

Before the IT team at Zaunergroup began the virtualization process in the company’s data center, team members decided to implement two components in tandem: a virtualization platform and a virtualization-specific backup and recovery solution. 

Markus Angerer, Manager of IT Services at Zaunergroup, and his colleagues knew the best way to ensure their virtual machines (VMs) would be protected was by implementing a solution that was built specifically for virtualization.

“We initially considered using Symantec Backup Exec on our VMs because it works well on our physical servers, but we wanted to be able to boot from a backup in a matter of minutes, and Backup Exec didn’t offer that capability,” Angerer said.

Angerer shared his virtualization goals with Michael Wagner, Managing Partner for it-TREND & MyServices GmbH, an IT consulting firm with offices in Upper Austria, Vienna and Carinthia. “Zaunergroup’s IT team had a clear vision of what the company needed in a data protection and disaster recovery solution,” Wagner explained. “The team wanted easy-to-use VM backup software that provided an uncomplicated verification process and fast VM recovery. We recommended Veeam because it met all these requirements.”

The Veeam Solution

Zaunergroup’s IT team implemented VMware vSphere and Veeam® Backup & Replication™ in the company’s data center. Built specifically for virtual environments, Veeam combines backup and replication in a single solution and provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

“Veeam works extremely well for our clients, including Zaunergroup,” Wagner said. “It leverages the core attributes of virtualization to take data protection and disaster recovery to the next level.”

Zaunergroup uses Veeam to back up its VMs daily. As the company builds two new data centers, the IT team will use Veeam to replicate VMs among sites. “To us, the most important feature in Veeam is being able to boot from a backup,” Angerer said. “No other backup solution delivers this as simply as Veeam. In case of an emergency, we can bring an entire VM back online in minutes.”

This capability is called Instant VM Recovery, and it’s made possible by vPower™, the breakthrough technology in Veeam that runs a VM directly from a compressed and deduplicated backup file. Instant VM Recovery helps Zaunergroup’s IT team achieve a five-minute recovery time objective (RTO).

In addition to Instant VM Recovery, Zaunergroup’s IT team uses other Veeam capabilities including SureBackup™, U-AIR™ (Universal Application-Item Recovery) and On-Demand Sandbox.

“SureBackup lets us verify the recoverability of every backup, which helps all of us sleep peacefully at night,” Angerer said. “U-AIR is a great feature because it enables granular data recovery for any virtualized application, even the non-standard ones. And with On-Demand Sandbox, we can run VMs in a sandbox to test patches for our ERP system. That clears up any worries we have about how updates will affect the system.”

The Veeam Results

Efficient, easy-to-use VM backup that provides reliable protection of the virtual infrastructure
During the virtualization planning process, Zaunergroup’s IT team concluded it needed a VM backup solution that offered more capabilities than the tool it used to back up the company’s physical servers. Team members chose Veeam Backup & Replication because it provides the most comprehensive, cost-effective protection of their virtual infrastructure.

5-minute RTO to ensure business as usual
Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery is the IT team’s favorite capability. In an emergency, VMs can be started on any host very quickly, without disrupting users. Instant VM Recovery relieves the team of emergency full restores that can take hours and impact business.

Verified recoverability of every backup
Veeam’s SureBackup capability provides a flexible and comprehensive recovery test solution that the IT team can run independently from scheduled backups. The team can also recover individual objects from any virtualized application with Veeam’s U-AIR, and it can test patches and upgrades or troubleshoot problems on VMs in an isolated environment with Veeam’s On-Demand Sandbox.

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