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The Thalgo Group Builds its Disaster Recovery Plan on Veeam Backup & Replication
In the past we could never consider backing up all of our VMs every evening. That is now possible and we have divided our backup time by three at least.
Gabriel DIEGO

The Business Challenge

In 2009, after assessing VMware technology, the Thalgo Group decided to virtualise all of its physical servers and migrate all of its critical applications, including ERP by SAGE, to virtual servers. As a prerequisite to setting up its virtualised datacentre, the company backed up all of its VMs. A fundamental decision had to be made on whether or not to migrate to disk-based backups.

“Initially, it was enough to back up our VMs using image-based backup tools that had limited functionality. Then our decision to replicate the VMs from one server to another led us to seek a suitable software tool for this new virtual infrastructure. We quickly realised that Veeam® Software was the best vendor because of the excellent results of several benchmarks available online,” explained Gabriel Diego, the Thalgo Group’s CIO.

Thalgo turned to the engineers at Nélite, a company specialised in virtualisation technologies, to leverage their expertise. They tested and validated the functionality and performance of the Veeam Backup & Replication™ solution in order to ensure the reliability of the proposed disaster recovery (DR) plan. 

The Veeam Solution

“If you choose a DR plan in a virtual environment, it must be combined with a specific backup and replication tool,” Diego added.

Veeam backs up VMs at an image level from a storage disk array and then replicates the VM on the redundant physical server. Consequently, if something were to happen to one of the servers, the VM would remain accessible on the other operational server and backup recovery options would be available.

Veeam’s non-intrusive solution does not require any software to be installed on the VMware hypervisor or the guest VMs and uses minimum resources. Its highly intuitive user interface makes it very easy to navigate all of the backups and replications and to restore a VM from a backup file in only a few minutes.



A brief training by Nélite on how Veeam Backup & Replication works and how to configure backup jobs enabled the Thalgo IT team to manage the VM backup and replication operations independently.

The Results

Users are sharing the fact that Veeam Backup & Replication is easy to use for VM backups and replications. Since 2009 they have been benefiting from the solution’s continuous and rapid evolution. By maximising the advantages of virtualisation and the key features of VMware technology, Veeam optimises the backup and replication system at the Thalgo Group’s datacentre.

“Veeam has undeniably helped us improve our backup and replication times thanks to efficient and fast incremental backups,” Diego said. “In the past we could never consider backing up all of our VMs every evening. That is now possible and we have reduced our backup time by a factor of three at least.”

Because it optimises the backup and replication system and enables swift and reliable VM restoration in the event of an incident, the Veeam solution is the cornerstone of the Thalgo Group’s virtualised infrastructure DR plan.

“We have successfully tested the restore process using a replicated backup. But fortunately we haven’t yet had to use this functionality in a real situation,” Diego added.

In the future, plans include expansion of the virtual datacentre. This includes rolling out new applications and the streamlining of the servers’ procedures and monitoring tools. This could lead the Thalgo Group to install a specific solution to administer virtualisation suitable for operation via a single interface. Veeam Backup Management Suite™, which combines Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam ONE™, may already be in the running!


Pioneers in marine science research, Thalgo Laboratories take full advantage of the extraordinary asset potential of algae to produce natural and effective cosmetics across five continents. IT is involved at all stages, from design and production to product distribution. Today, a new SAGE X3 ERP software package serves all of the company’s departments, becoming a true cornerstone for future applications and developments for maximal information centralisation. Eventually, clients and affiliates may also remotely access this management system, which is now in production at the data centre, composed of two redundant physical servers equipped with VMware vSphere 4.1 hypervisors, running a dozen VMs on Windows 2000, 2003, 2008.


To create a disaster recovery plan for a virtualised infrastructure based on a specific backup and replication solution.


  • Easy to deploy, can configure backup jobs
  • Non-intrusive, agent-free solution that consumes very few resources
  • Daily backup of all VMs
  • Backup time reduced by factor of 3
  • VM restore from backup takes only a few minutes
  • Maximum use of virtualisation assets and key features of the VMware technology