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Industrial Scientific


Industrial Scientific is the global leader in gas detection. The company develops, manufactures, services and monitors portable gas detection equipment to keep workers safe in hazardous environments. Established in 1985 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Industrial Scientific employs more than 700 people in 21 countries.


Industrial Scientific’s mission is to preserve human life on, above, and below the earth. The company’s products and services are used in underground mines, nuclear power plants, oil refineries, waste management companies and by emergency response units. If the IT systems that support Industrial Scientific’s products and services aren’t available 24.7.365, people’s lives are at stake.


  • Helps protect people from hazardous gases in the workplace
  • Reduces RTPO for IT systems from 24 hours to three minutes
  • Saves the equivalent of one part-time employee and 60% in licensing costs

    The Business Challenge

    Gas detectors save lives. Industrial Scientific, the leading provider of portable gas detectors and gas detection as a service, helps customers keep their employees safe.

    Industrial Scientific’s customers are some of the biggest and best-known brands in the world including Bechtel, GE Power and Water, International Paper, Land O Lakes, Shell and Westinghouse. They’ve joined Industrial Scientific in a movement to preserve human life and eliminate death on the job by the year 2050, and their efforts are paying off. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, fatal injuries in one of the most dangerous industries — oil and gas extraction — are on the decline. The number of deaths was 38 percent lower in 2015 than 2014.

    Industrial Scientific offers several products and services to keep workers safe from hazardous gas. Portable gas detectors accompany workers into confined spaces, real-time monitors identify hazards, and a gas detection service called iNet® tracks the performance of their monitors and notifies them and their safety departments when toxic gas has been detected.

    “Our job is to help keep people alive,” said Doug Hathorn, Systems Engineer at Industrial Scientific. “We can’t do our job unless the IT systems that support our products and services are available 24.7.365. If a worker passes out because of a toxic gas, the system that alerts his safety department must be available. If it’s not available, he could be severely injured.”

    Slow, unreliable backup and recovery put system availability at risk. Recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) for tier 1 systems such as iNet were 24 hours, which was unacceptable to the company.

    “Every minute matters in a hazardous gas situation,” Hathorn said. “We track the performance of approximately 200,000 gas detection instruments at 10,000 customer sites in 68 countries. Many lives depend on our systems being available every minute.”

    The Veeam Solution

    Veeam® Backup & Replication™ delivers 24.7.365 Availability of the systems that enable Industrial Scientific to protect people from hazardous gases in the workplace.

    “Veeam helps us keep people alive,” Hathorn said. “Veeam’s performance is so outstanding that we reduced RTPO for tier 1 systems, including iNet, from 24 hours to three minutes.”

    RTPO decreased by 99 percent because Veeam does something legacy backup tools could not. Veeam integrates with Industrial Scientific’s storage (Dell EMC VNX, Dell EMC Data Domain Boost and Nimble Storage from Hewlett Packard Enterprise) to deliver 24.7.365 availability. Veeam Agent for Linux protects iNet—Industrial Scientific’s most critical tier 1 system.

    “Veeam’s support for Linux workloads and integration with our storage enabled us to replace several legacy backup tools with a single solution,” Hathorn said. “That’s amazing in itself, but we also saved time and money.”

    Hathorn said Veeam is so easy to use that Industrial Scientific saved the equivalent of one part-time employee.

    “Before we deployed Veeam, an employee spent half of his day managing all of our backup tools,” Hathorn explained. “He moved to a new position after we deployed Veeam because the rest of us on the IT team can manage backup and recovery in addition to our other responsibilities—that’s how intuitive Veeam is. You set it and forget it.”

    Industrial Scientific saves money with Veeam too.

    “Veeam is licensed per socket, not per VM or per terabyte like our legacy backup tools,” Hathorn said. “We save 60 percent each year in licensing fees, and the business is more agile than ever before. I can stand up 30 new virtual machines with 300 terabytes of data, and Veeam will back them up and make them available instantly. Other products won’t let you back up until you buy more licenses; the vendors handcuff you until they get their money. Veeam offers the best of both worlds: flexibility and scalability.”

    The Results

    • Helps protect people from hazardous gases in the workplace
      Veeam delivers 24.7.365 availability of the critical IT systems that enable Industrial Scientific to protect people working on, above, and below the earth.
    • Reduces RTPO for IT systems from 24 hours to three minutes
      Veeam’s storage integration and support for Linux workloads enabled Industrial Scientific to replace several legacy backup tools with a single solution and reduce RTPO by 99 percent.
    • Saves the equivalent of one part-time employee and 60 percent in licensing costs
      “There are a lot of backup solutions that require hours of training, but not Veeam,” Hathorn said. “Veeam has simplified everything related to backup and recovery— that’s how we saved the equivalent of one part-time employee. Veeam even simplified licensing, which saves us money and enables us to adapt quickly to business expansion and growth. If we need to stand up new virtual machines quickly, Veeam backs them up instantly.”
    Industrial Scientific
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