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Expim specializes in providing tailored made solutions while the company is committed to provide remnant, with high scalability solutions. Available and secured ones based on a team of experts available 24.7.365. The company’s provides a wide range of managed services in the field of private cloud, hybrid and public, including management, monitoring, server maintenance, backup, data availability, DR, Support System for Windows and Linux services, CDN (content distribution network) streaming video traffic and banners, accelerating e-commerce sites and more. Among Expim customers you may find all the leading advertising agencies in Israel. In addition, it provides cloud services for enterprise and SMB organizations such as banks, credit card companies, health institutions, tourism companies and more. The company owns few Data Centers around Israel, and it provides services to customers that are using AWS, Google or Azure cloud services.


Until five years ago Expim used to work with different solutions from the legacy world, which has been characterized by long backup times, loss of data, and long recovery processes. Thus, the customers performances were limited. At the same time, in recent years there has been an increase of hundreds of gigabytes within the computer systems and the customers data. Both challenges prompted the need for a virtual availability advanced solution.


  • Veeam offers a competitive advantage and positions the company as a reliable cloud provider, innovative and economically feasible
  • Veeam minimizes the complexity of the backup and the availability process
  • Veeam ensures full data availability 24.7.365

The Business Challenge

Expim provides managed cloud services while providing a comprehensive solution that meets all the needs and aspirations of its customers when it comes to computing infrastructure. Expim holds the best monitoring, maintenance and availability systems in the market, which ensure the customers reliable performance. Among Expim customers you may find all the leading advertising agencies in Israel. In addition, it provides cloud services for enterprise and SMB organizations such as banks, credit card companies, health institutions, tourism companies and more.

At the strategic level Expim plans to position itself as a preferred alternative to the Israeli cloud market, emphasizing its advantages compared to the services of the major cloud providers. To implement this strategy the Company is required to seek an alternative to the old legacy solution, which do not meet the business objectives of organizations these days - goals that require them to provide availability for all data and applications 24.7.365.

In the past, Expim used to work with different legacy solutions, which were characterized by long backup times that damaged customers’ current performance. These traditional legacy products also characterized by a lack of reliable and offered, at times, incomplete backups and loss of data items. Data recovery process also took a long time.

“These restrictions were not in line with the business expectations of our customer and the high level of service we offer our customers,” said Ofir Hadad, CEO and CTO Expim. “Along with this, in 2005 - the year in which we began providing cloud services - virtual backup didn’t exist in Israel and the market wasn’t mature enough to absorb this kind of solution. In those years, the Israeli market was not ready to adopt advanced technology of this type, only in recent years we see that the virtual backup is gaining momentum in Israel and is widely deployed and I believe that this is mainly due to the entrance of Veeam to Israel five years ago. “

“In the last 2 years,” Haddad added, “We see that the demand for virtual backup just doubled.” The reason for this lie in the increasing number of Giga bites in the data and the IT systems. For these reasons, during the past two years Expim tripled the amount of data it backs up. These trends have led the company to seek for availability solution that meets better the challenges of the Always-On era.

The Veeam Solution

While cloud services of the largest providers forcing the customer to worry about the availability of data and the backup system by itself, Expim, by using Veeam, provides its customers with comprehensive service backup infrastructure, full protection of information and DR site for rapid recovery of data in case of disaster. These are characterized by enhanced backup rate, reducing the costs and complexity of backup and significant improvement in the availability of data and applications.

Veeam has appointed Expim as a Gold Partner and both companies go together from a few years now while Expim is the first to upgrade to Veeam new versions. . “When we partner with a technology partner, or selling solutions of a particular vendor, it is important for us to check in advance the product reliability, innovation and to find out if there is a partner to go with it over time, and together provide an end-to-end premium solution to the customer. Veeam as a partner meets these expectations and much more.”

“Veeam gives us a competitive advantage and helps us sell peacefulness to a wide range of customers. By using Veeam we are meeting our own SLAs defined and the availability objectives, recovery and data recovery (RTOs and RPOs) of 15 minutes, which make the working procedures much more efficient. On the bottom line, these are translated to an economic efficiency. This advantage has led us, more than once, to win new customers. “

For example, one of the most important sectors Expim works with extensively is the tourism sector. “Today tourism companies that provide online services in real time, must offer full and continuous availability of data. Without Veeam Availability Suite these companies would be unable to cope with millions of customers, amounts of data and full availability to which they are committed. This will end up with business losses, damage to the comapny reputation.”

Expim backs with Veeam hundreds of VMs of VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. Veeam’s high integration with NetApp and HPE storage solutions, which Expim uses, enabled the company to reduce backup time by about 40 percent when compared to legacy solutions, which existed before, and it is carried out without disruption of ongoing core systems. This advantage has led naturally to free some space and improve network performance.

Another feature which support the goal of making the hosting space more efficient is the Data compression capability of Veeam, 3 times more efficient than traditional backup solutions. At the same time, data copy function a from external site to Expim servers, or the opposite, running at full speed and reduce communication lines costs.

One of Veeam added value service is its management portal. “The portal allows us to improve the visibility of our service. Customers can easily impressed by the performance of the solution and it saves us a lot of labor hours and costs, and simultaneously improves our image and reputation among customers.”

“Installation of Veeam Availability lasts about an hour, compared with a long and tedious process in the competition. The process is intuitive and efficient and the improvement in the performance is reflected immediately after implementation. Because of the simplicity of the solution to some of the customers get a permit to restore data items by themselves,” says Haddad, adding, “if necessary, Veeam support team has excellent service oriented. They react quickly and know how to solve any problems but our referrals to Veeam support center are rare.”

The Results

  • Veeam offers a competitive advantage and position the company as a reliable cloud provider, innovative and economically efficient
    Veeam enables Expim to meet SLAs of a managed services provider which offers premium services to its customers. Meeting these targets streamlines work processes and are translated into economic efficiency. In addition, Veeam’s management portal, gives it the ability to improve performance visibility with customers and enhance its image and reputation. All these make Expim to one of the leading and attractive players in cloud field in the Israeli market, which generates for its customers a competitive advantage.
  • Veeam makes the Availability process simple
    Installation of Veeam Availability Suite takes about an hour versus much longer period of time and tedious implementation of competing solutions. The installation process is intuitive and efficient and the improvement in performance reflected immediately after. The backup process itself also is short and efficient, and therefore, can be combined in different time windows throughout the day. The effective process frees up space in the network, improve performances and generates a competitive advantage specifically for cloud providers like Expim.
  • Veeam ensures full data availability 24.7.365
    Veeam offers recovery time (RTOs and RPOs) of 15 minutes, which give customers the opportunity to enjoy of Availability of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This capability significantly increases the reliability of the cloud provider, which provides managed services to a long list of clients from all sectors of the market.
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