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Leading Cloud Service Provider Bridges Data Hyper-Availability Gap for Worldwide Holdings with Veeam Cloud-Based DR Solution
Veeam backs up data twice, on-premise and in the cloud. Data is not only constantly available, which is what matters to users, but also secure, which is what matters to us. This Hyper-Availability of data keeps our businesses running smoothly
Ediwarman Mohamad Taher
IT Manager
Worldwide Holdings Bhd

The Business Challenge

Being active in various areas that align with the needs of today’s society, Worldwide Holdings Berhad’s business run from property development, environmental management services and investment holding, to medical device manufacturing. More than 250 staff, working across multiple locations, relies on hyper-availability of data to ensure business operations run smoothly in all four sectors of its business.

Core systems like the company’s financial, accounting and HR system — as well as the enterprise application (EA), which connects multiple applications together — only focused on data backup. It was an outmoded solution in a rapidly evolving business climate, and it was during the backup procedure that any failures would usually emerge, eating up more man-hours in the process.

Worldwide Holdings Berhad’s IT Manager Ediwarman Mohamad Taher, who leads a team of seven responsible for overall planning, organizing and execution of all IT functions and lead IT Disaster Recovery & data management, describes the oftenpainful process of restoring data. “We had to download data manually from a local server, which took time — sometimes up to six to eight hours. Then we needed to install and set up new boxes which contained the operating system databases.”

The Malaysian company’s operations spread across a headquarters with multiple remote sites, each with its own data and systems, all of which made data synchronicity and availability of a nightmare.

The common request end users across Worldwide Holdings Bhd consistently brought up with Ediwarman and his team was data availability. “Everyone asked how we would ensure their data was safe and secure for access anytime and anywhere,” he says.

The Veeam Solution

A cloud disaster (DR) solution, powered by Veeam® Cloud Connect, and equipped with DR infrastructure, is deployed to support local and offsite data availability. “The data is backed up twice, on-premise and in the cloud,” Ediwarman says. “It means user data is not only constantly available, which is what matters to users, but also secure, which is what matters to us.”

Worldwide Holdings Bhd came to know about Veeam Software through cloud service provider Infinity Consulting Technology Sdn Bhd (ICTSB). Director Wilson Lam explains how its approach could fulfil the company’s business continuity needs. “Our service includes industry best practice disaster recovery, which is comprised of automated backup and fully managed data recovery and restore tools,” he says.

Worldwide Holdings Bhd issued an RFP for a cloud-based disaster recovery solution, and the partnership between ICTSB and Veeam beat out the competition. The deployment includes yearly subscription-based cloud backup powered by Veeam, with ICTSB as the Veeam Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) offering free and unlimited disaster recovery resources.

One of the improvements that Worldwide Holdings Bhd’s IT department has achieved is considerable cost savings, but the benefits go beyond that. Veeam Cloud Connect enables the company to be fully compliant with important business continuity management standards, including meeting recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) requirements.

It also lightens the financial and equipment footprint within Worldwide Holdings Bhd, which no longer must invest in hardware for disaster recovery. With everything connected and managed across the cloud, Ediwarman’s IT team finds it much easier to manage now since they do not have to constantly wrangle tapes and physical media.

But it is on the ground and in the trenches where the difference is really felt. As Ediwarman says, the Veeam platform has allowed Worldwide Holdings Bhd to reduce the time it takes to back up and restore data exponentially. “We’ve reduced recovery time by more than 90% cutting restoration tasks from six to eight hours to only 60 minutes,” he says. “Being able to get rid of so much manual repetition means the team can focus more on business outcomes.”

Applications and data from multiple sites are all monitored and managed in the cloud, which means no more duplicates in data sets, speeding things up even more. And Lam praises the stability of the Veeam platform, calling it the ‘main reason’ ICTSB recommended it.

And Veeam was no less a compelling buy for ICTSB itself. ICTSB has as many as seven different Cloud availability products to offer to its customers, but the pricing flexibility that Veeam offers keeps it at the top of Lam’s mind when recommending products.

“A lot of products mean you have to commit to one perpetual purchase and then try to recoup your IT investment by offering subscription service to your users or customers,” Lam explains. “Veeam offers us a supply model where we only pay on a per-user basis. “Veeam technology is built to be cloud service provider friendly, and we can transition from non-Veeam to Veeam overnight. That’s why Veeam is the preferred choice in our core service offerings,” concludes Lam.

The Results

  • Recovery time slashed by more than 90%
    Under the legacy backup regime, data restoration by tape could take six to eight hours for Worldwide Holdings Bhd. Veeam’s platform has reduced the same task to as little as 60 minutes because it backs up data as well as systems.
  • A hyper-availability platform that is easy to use, stable, and cost-effective
    “With Veeam, we can ensure data availability easily on a stable cloud platform. We only bear the cost of yearly pay-per-use subscription, purely based on storage capacity,” Ediwarman expressed. This is echoed by ICTSB, who provides free, unlimited DR resources to end users. While ICTSB offers its customers one-priceany- technology (1PAT), it is slowly moving all customers to Veeam platform, for its ease of use, stability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Technology advancement yearly with new features
    Veeam improves its features and capabilities regularly, and updates are rolled out to users quickly. “Veeam is aggressive in introducing new technologies, customers enjoy incremental enhancements and at least one major update every year,” Lam commends.
  • Easy deployment especially in virtual environment
    “Veeam technology is built to be cloud service provider friendly, and we can transition from non-Veeam to Veeam overnight. That’s why Veeam is the preferred choice in our core service offerings,” concludes Lam.


Worldwide Holdings Bhd, based in Malaysia, focuses on four main businesses. Its property experts design and build structures from tall skyscrapers to individual homes. The environment arm offers green solutions that balance the needs of development with the local ecosystem. All these businesses are aligned to meet the demands of today’s world, including the demand for good and high-value housing and commercial properties, a dedicated landfill and environmental related services, power generation, medical devices etc.


With more than 250 staff across multiple locations, Worldwide Holdings Bhd was keeping data available and up to date in a cumbersome physical process of tape backups and restoration, which cost considerable time and manpower. It needed to improve its business continuity management (BCM), a core mandate of its IT department and was looking for a hyper-availability solution.


  • Recovery time slashed by more than 90%
  • A hyper-availability platform that is easy to use, stable and cost-effective
  • Technology advancement yearly with new features
  • Easy deployment especially in a virtual environment

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