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Everything you need for successful disaster recovery

Veeam Availability Orchestrator

  • Reliable recovery to ensure IT service continuity and resilience at any scale with extensible orchestration of recovery plans and migrations of any app, any data, at any time.
  • Automated testing to prove recoverability and reliability of recovery and migration plans, application patches and upgrades, DevOps and more, without disruption to the organization.
  • Dynamic documentation to assure compliance requirements with rigorous reporting and actionable documentation that can be created, customized and updated automatically on a recurring schedule.

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Veeam Availability Orchestrator

Reliable recovery

  • Dramatically improve Availability and resilience through reliable, perfectly-sequenced orchestration of failover, failback, restores and migration of single, tens or hundreds of applications.
  • Verify the functionality of any mission-critical virtual machines (VMs) and applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, IIS and more, with both out-of-the-box and custom scripting, steps and parameters.
  • Empower business units, application owners and operations teams with delegated role-based access to orchestration planning, testing and resources.
  • Execute plans anywhere with an intuitive, web-based console accessible from wherever an internet connection is present — desktop, laptop and tablet.

Automated testing

  • Demonstrate the viability of orchestration plans at any time with rigorous testing options that have zero impact on the production systems that run the business.
  • Confidently release proven-to-work updates, patches and new software through reliable application development and testing against production-fresh data in a secure, isolated environment.
  • Minimize the financial and organizational impact of frequent testing through the power of automation with both scheduled and on-demand options.
  • Verify that orchestration plans match the environment’s current configuration and are ready-to-run with plan readiness checks that complete in a few moments.

Dynamic documents

  • Know exactly what to do in the event of disaster with a DR plan that documents key stakeholders and precise processes necessary for a timely and successful recovery.
  • Demonstrate at a moment’s notice the health and compliance of past and present plans, tests and recoveries to executives, auditors and regulatory bodies like SOX, GDPR and HIPPA.
  • Be certain that the latest plan edits and environmental changes are audited with built-in change tracking for all orchestration plans, including who and what has changed.
  • Prove SLA attainment with documented recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) outcomes and proactively remediate errors with actionable, easy-to-use reports and analytics that are automatically generated after every test, failover and recovery.

What’s new: Expanded orchestration and automation capabilities

Restore plans

Orchestrate and automate restores of VMware vSphere VMs backed up by Veeam Backup & Replication™ to achieve true DR from backups, minimizing disruption to the business caused by the downtime of critical production VMs.


Enable granular permissions at the VM group level to securely empower business units, application owners and operations teams with their own DR planning, testing and resources.

Enhanced reporting

Enhanced reporting and compliance features, including the ability to define RTO and RPO properties and test against them, as well as complete customization of all reports and localization of all reports.