6 New Ways Kasten K10 V6.0 Empowers Kubernetes Scalability

As Kasten by Veeam’s VP of Product, I’ve seen the evolution of Kubernetes backup firsthand. Today I’m proud to highlight that Kasten K10 V6.0 isn’t just a standard update on new features, but an evolution towards enterprise-grade Kubernetes data protection and application mobility. In the latest market radar, GigaOm named Kasten by Veeam as the only leader and outperformer in the Kubernetes Data Protection market for the 3rd year in a row. 

With Kasten K10 V6.0, customers will find new ways to scale their Kubernetes data protection efficiently. Thus, boosting business resiliency, increasing productivity of cloud native operations, and leveraging seamless integrations with their ever-expanding infrastructure.

Here are 6 ways how Kasten K10 V6.0 helps customers expand and optimize their cloud native footprint.

Application Mobility

Kasten K10 integrates an Application Transformation Engine that’s extremely powerful and enables Platform Ops teams to deliver application mobility at a massive scale. This release introduces Transforms Sets which allows you to curate a library of transforms that can be easily reused across multiple apps in your environment. This is critical to enable not only app mobility but cloning and disaster recovery too. Transform sets allow you to define rules to make changes to your applications metadata during a restoration at scale, securely and efficiently with consistent results.

Protecting VMs on Kubernetes

Kasten continues to innovate alongside our partners. Kasten K10 V6.0 can protect and very easily recover VMs running on Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization, which enables enterprises to fast track their digital transformation initiatives by supporting applications that weren’t developed with cloud native constructs in mind.

Data Protection Guardrails

As you add workloads into your cluster, you can leverage policy as code solutions like Kyverno to ensure that proper data protection is being applied to new workloads automatically at commit time or at time of deployment, reducing complexity, ensuring operational compliance and preventing misconfigured apps from going into production.

Data Consistency Automation

It’s critical that your level of data protection scales with your organization’s needs and does so always with confidence. With Kasten K10, you can protect any database, whether it’s DBaaS like Amazon RDS or PostgreSQL in Kubernetes clusters using extensible Kanister blueprints. With Kasten K10 V6.0 application fingerprinting, you can dynamically apply blueprints to all apps that match a certain pattern automatically and pave the way for application production at scale. Such an automation results in better user experience, improved consistency, reduced risks, and enhanced efficiency.

Easily Deploy Cloud Data Protection

Our data protection is Kubernetes native and can run alongside your workloads anywhere they are deployed. Kasten K10 is available on the AWS Marketplace for Containers. With Kasten K10 V6.0, our solution is now validated as an AWS EKS Add-on and can be deployed to your EKS Clusters directly through the EKS Management Console. Additionally, you can use CLI, eksctl, AWS APIs or IaC tools such as AWS CloudFormation and Terraform, so that your Kubernetes Apps are protected. Rest assured, you will have an additional level of security monitors as Kasten K10 is continually scanned for common vulnerabilities and exposures.

Veeam Instant Recovery for Kubernetes

If there is one thing our customers don’t want, it’s friction. That’s why Kasten K10 V6.0 extends data and management path integrations with the Veeam Data Platform. A new, native VBR Console plug-in for Kasten K10 delivers centralized management of Kubernetes backups. What’s more, Veeam customers can take advantage of new instant recovery capabilities to bring protected Kubernetes workloads back online without delay.

The list goes on, but these are the key 6 ways Kasten K10 helps to enable our customers scale their cloud native data protection efficiently and protect their applications and data against ransomware attacks. 


But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can try Kasten K10 yourself FREE fully-featured today.

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