VeeamON 2017 may be over, but we still have a lot to be excited about! During the three-day conference, we announced several new offerings and programs to drive even greater partner services revenue and engagement – one of which is the new Veeam Accredited Service Partner (VASP) program for North America.

As product implementations become more sophisticated, Veeam recognizes the growing customer demand to identify partners, system integrators or freelance consultants who can deliver high-quality professional services and technical implementations related to Veeam solutions. The VASP program recognizes, monitors and promotes the quality of the professional services delivered by this exclusive set of partners.

Becoming a VASP member allows Veeam ProPartners to:

  • Get visibility through the VASP Directory, a public panel and search engine available to Veeam customers who are looking for professional services partners highly qualified on Veeam solutions
  • Obtain exclusive access to technical knowledge and tools
  • Leverage investments in Veeam technical certifications
  • Differentiate from the competition

The VASP program accreditation is issued only to those with the highest Veeam solution expertise levels. All VASP members must meet mandatory requirements on technical expertise and Veeam certifications, as well as have a dedicated professional services staff and a history of successful Veeam implementations.

Interested in joining the VASP program? Send us a request to get more information.

Service Partner

Do you have a need for qualified professionals to implement and manage your Veeam solutions? Find a VASP member close to you.

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