Protect Your MacOS Workloads With Veeam Agent for Mac 2.0

One of the biggest challenges that corporate IT departments face is protecting all their workloads. Teams spend significant amounts of time architecting, deploying and configuring solutions for their hypervisor and cloud workloads. Physical workloads that typically consist of enterprise databases that run on Windows, Linux or Unix get their fair share of attention too. However, an often-overlooked gap are the end users themselves.

With today’s hybrid corporate environment, employees find themselves working from all sorts of locations: The office, at home or on the road. Combined with increased pressure to support a wider variety of devices from users and executives alike, IT departments often struggle to develop adequate protection plans. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, gaps pop up most often when it comes to protecting one of the most popular “bring your own device” operating systems: macOS.

Backup for macOS

As part of the recent Veeam Data Platform launch event, and with much rejoicing from IT departments everywhere, Veeam Agent for Mac 2.0 has officially been released. Similar to Veeam’s other agent products, Veeam Agent for Mac offers tight integration with Veeam Backup & Replication. This allows teams to use a proven platform they already know.

This V2 release brings a wealth of new features and enhancements. The first one that many users will notice is a refreshed user interface. This is particularly useful for standalone installs, and the easy-to-navigate interface means that users can efficiently perform backups and restores while minimizing their need to routinely contact IT for assistance.

Keeping with this easy-to-manage theme, Veeam Agent for Mac can also be managed through protection groups within Veeam Backup & Replication. This provides users with a centralized location where they can monitor what devices are being protected. The customized binaries created by -protection groups are universal for all supported macOS versions and will run natively on M1 and M2 chips. Additionally, installation and configuration can also be handled by Microsoft Intune or SimpleMDM, which can provide additional time savings for enterprises while they increase their data protection.

Leverage Existing Investments

One of the objectives that enterprises prioritize is maximizing the value of their investments. When we focus on backups, this usually comes down to ensuring that the existing infrastructure, including storage, is fully optimized. With this in mind, backup jobs can take advantage of existing storage repositories, including object storage. This which opens the door to flexible targets like on-premises or cloud locations. Plus, since we are talking about object storage, immutability with S3 Object Lock or Azure Blob is also fully supported.

Also, if you have road warriors that you need to support, Veeam Cloud Connect is the perfect fit. For customers that currently leverage Veeam Cloud Connect, these existing repositories can also be used, which provides a true “back up from anywhere” solution that solves a traditionally been a hard-to-manage problem.

Protection for All Environments

Over the past several years, many enterprises have seen an ever-increasing shift to the “work from anywhere” workplace. The pandemic in 2020 accelerated this, and by most accounts, this new arrangement is here to stay in at least some fashion. As part of this, businesses of all sizes need to ensure that their critical data is properly protected, regardless of its operating system. Whether it’s used to avoid downtime or other reasons like ensuring compliance, data protection must be planned throughout the organization.

Data loss happens all the time. For example, a user may lose their Macbook Pro, Macbook Air while traveling, or somehow spill that latte into your Mac Pro. Regardless of how that data is impacted, your endpoints need to be protected. In a perfect world, all data would be worked on and saved to a central location that could be easily backed up. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and essential data routinely lives on laptops, workstations, and yes, Macs too. Fortunately, Veeam can offer you the protection you need, whether that’s for Windows, Linux, or macOS.  Now, who’s ready for WWDC 2023? 

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