2023 Data Protection Trends for Veeam Resellers

With Veeam’s newest release of the 2023 Data Protection Trends Report — in which 4,200 business and IT leaders were surveyed on their IT and data protection strategies, including their plans for 2023 and beyond — enterprises, businesses, channel partners and resellers are all considering 2023 to be a year of change.

They would be right. As a Veeam reseller or channel partner, understanding the data protection landscape is crucial to helping your clients meet their data recovery and security needs. The 2023 Data Protection Trends Partner Executive Brief offers valuable insights for resellers and partners to capitalize on the opportunities presented in the rapidly evolving data protection market.

Key Findings From the Report

Modern data protection requires businesses to be proactive when implementing their data protection strategies, with cyber-resiliency being a top priority. Research reports that for the third consecutive year, cyberattacks are the number one reason for major and impactful outages, with ransomware attacks becoming even more frequent: In 2022, 85% of organizations stated they were successfully hit by ransomware at least once, which is up from 76% the previous year, with 39% of effected organizations reporting entire datasets successfully encrypted or destroyed.

Capable modern data protection solutions provide equitable capabilities across physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures. Current hybrid infrastructure trends show that 47% of all workloads are cloud-hosted, with physical servers and virtual machines taking up 28% and 25% of the landscape respectively. As the gradual shift to cloud-hosted servers has proven efficient for organizations, fluidity between all existing infrastructures has naturally become an imperative.

In some instances, such as with enterprises, the shift to cloud-based IaaS and SaaS has proven more difficult. Research shows that many organizations may be running legacy backup solutions that were designed for the physical data center era, with an agent-based approach to protecting cloud workloads. With this in mind, cloud-hosted protection and reliability have become necessary for top-tier enterprise backup and recovery solutions.

Further, regardless of whether data is stored on tape — as nearly 50% of data at some point during its lifecycle still is — the momentous trend toward cloud-powered data protection is clear: 67% of global organizations use cloud services as part of their data protection strategy today, with the aspiration of 74% by 2025.

Between the rising threat of ransomware, the pressures of an evolving landscape on IT services and the difficulties of protecting modern IaaS and SaaS workloads, the trends are clear: Organizations are likely to switch backup solutions in order to adapt to changing pressures and conditions.

Opportunities for Veeam Resellers and Channel Partners

So, as a Veeam reseller or channel partner, what’s in it for you? Those surveyed in the 2023 Data Protection Trends Report revealed that their data protection budgets will increase by 6.5% in 2023, which is notably larger than the 5.1% in IT budgets predicted by Gartner and the 5.2% increase in IT spending predicted by IDC.

With the increased demand for data protection, Veeam resellers and channel partners should be eager to capitalize on this industry-wide transition. There are a number of things you can do:

Help clients improve reliability and protect IaaS and SaaS workloads. This is especially true for enterprises and businesses whose legacy systems are constructed around physical data centers. Protecting IaaS and SaaS workloads and improving cloud-based reliability have become the two most sought-after criteria for enterprise data protection. (For more information, I highly suggest you check out the 2023 Enterprise Data Protection Summit.)

Address the challenges of cyber-resilience and ransomware attacks. As more and more workloads are headed to the cloud, there has been a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks. In 2021, ransom payments in the United States ranged from $5,506 to $40 million. Malicious actors, more than ever, are aware of how businesses use their information and understand its criticality.

Implement BC/DR methods and mechanisms for your clients. As most recovery data will eventually be coming from cloud-hosted backups, having fewer recovery points on premises and migrating workloads to cloud-based storage for data retention is now considered a solid best practice. Currently, 54% of organizations still use or expect to use on-premises servers for BC/DR, while 46% plan to leverage cloud-hosted infrastructure.

Emphasize the importance of orchestrated workflows for data protection and recovery. As revealed by the 2023 Data Protection Trends Report, only 18% of organizations currently have an orchestrated workflow capability within their data protection or failover strategies. Ensuring that clients integrate orchestrated workflows into their data protection and recovery strategy (such as with the much-lauded Veeam Disaster Recover Orchestrator) will prepare them to maintain business continuity in the face of ransomware and other disasters.

Introduction to Veeam Data Platform

With the recent launch of V12, Veeam Data Platform continues to lead the industry in reliable backup and recovery. By introducing your clients to products offered by Veeam Data Platform, you are enabling them to succeed through features and products such as:

  • Storage cost control and intelligent cloud storage tiering
  • Broad workload support for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services
  • Centralized monitoring and management capabilities and API coverage
  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions, such as Veeam Backup for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Microsoft 365, Salesforce and Kubernetes

As your clients brace for changes in their infrastructure, ensuring support for backup of cloud-based workloads, effective cloud backup usage and the confidence that workloads are moving fluidly in the hybrid cloud, Veeam provides a much-needed intuitive solution.

The Benefits of Partnering With Veeam

The three pillars of Veeam Data Platform — Data Security, Data Recovery and Data Freedom — do not exist in a vacuum. Between the benefits mentioned below and the numerous and consistent accolades Veeam has received over the years, your confidence in Veeam should speak for itself.

Leverage Veeam’s expertise in the data protection market. As the tried-and-true leader in Modern Data Protection, Veeam has earned industry-wide respect for its expertise in data protection.

Meet the evolving needs of clients with innovative solutions. Ensure your clients have multi-layered security for constant protection, ubiquitous recovery and robust freedom of data with zero lock-in.

Access Veeam’s extensive network of BaaS, DRaaS and profession services specialists. Benefit from an extensive network of BaaS and DRaaS providers and professional services specialists and ensure that Veeam partners, clients and users all maximize their Veeam and cloud investments.

Join Veeam’s ProPartner Network program for support and resources. Gain access a global ecosystem with access to customized programs, tools and resources designed to enable partners to become more profitable and drive growth.


Veeam resellers and channel partners need to be aware of how the market is changing. As the industry continues to evolve towards hybrid infrastructure, it is vital for your clients’ success that you introduce them to proven best practices and products which anticipate this change — which you can do with Veeam Data Platform’s numerous offerings and the best practices mentioned above.

If you’re a Veeam reseller or channel partner and want to find out more, I highly suggest you read that brief I mentioned earlier, the 2023 Data Protection Trends Partner Executive Brief. It’s concise, informative and free to download, and it touches on all topics discussed in this blog.

You can click the link above or download the brief here.

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