The top tools and services that every service provider should investigate!

Anyone who has been working in the IT industry over the years has seen technology continually evolve, expand and develop to overcome data management challenges of the past. As technology evolves to meet data demands today, new obstacles associated with innovation occur. To help prevent and meet these challenges, monitoring the data center and gaining insight into how your applications and machines utilize resources to operate provide an extra insight to any organization.

Service providers help customers everyday to meet these challenges, especially when it comes to expanding and evolving their data management landscape. Veeam partners with service providers to help give them an agile, flexible and cost-effective solution through product offerings like Veeam Backup & Recovery, Veeam Cloud Connect and Veeam Service Provider Console, among others. Each solution has different benefits that can improve overall business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategies. Whether a service provider is managing multiple tenants with the Veeam Service Provider Console, storing customers backups with Veeam Cloud Connect or providing monitoring services at the infrastructure level with Veeam ONE, Veeam gives service providers the tools to ensure their customers data is protected and available when needed.

Provide comprehensive monitoring and analytics with Veeam ONE

Monitoring tools that provide visibility into virtual and physical data protection environments enable fast identification of issues and responding resolutions. Collecting data on the entire environment can pinpoint trends in performance and resource usage so you can accurately forecast IT needs to keep the business operating as expected. One-way service providers can do this is by installing Veeam ONE as a starting point when examining a customer’s environment. Veeam ONE has many tools included in the product that analyzes the environment to assess it for successful backup operations. Not only does it provide visibility into the environment for backup, but if also offers capacity planning and forecasting tools for when it’s time to expand and add more resources to the data center.

Capacity Planning Reports in Veeam ONE provide guidance for when, how and where to grow a virtual environment.

Veeam ONE Capacity Planning Report for VMware vSphere
Figure 1: Veeam ONE Capacity Planning Report for VMware vSphere

Figure 1 shows a section of what the Capacity Planning Report produced after being run in my lab environment. It provides information on how resources such as memory, CPU and datastore performance is being consumed and then provides recommendations on when I will meet a capacity shortage.

Not only can Veeam ONE forecast for capacity or virtual infrastructure resources, but it can also predict when you will run out of backup repository free space. This allows you to address backup storage space and allocate more space where needed to ensure successful backup operations. Besides helping with capacity planning and real-time monitoring, Veeam ONE provides deployment project scenarios, customizable alarms and Cloud Connect usage monitoring, plus more. Service providers shouldn’t stop there, the Veeam Service Provider Console is just another tool that assists service providers with managing their customers’ data.

Don’t forget the Veeam Service Provider Console!

Veeam Service Provider Console provides a web-based user interface for partners that gives them a single dashboard to view the current state of all their customers backups, on-premises or hosted with a cloud service provider. The Console is a central place to remotely manage and monitor Veeam backup agents, Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Cloud Connect. You can add all clients into the console itself, providing an overview of the current status of backup operations.

The Veeam Service Provider Console
Figure 2: The Veeam Service Provider Console

The Console provides an overview of all the current data protection operations for each client that is being managed. Through the different Console views, you can see the current state of data protection operations, view consumed cloud resources, manage invoices and glimpse at active data protection alarms. To remotely manage clients, the master agent can run discoveries in the environment for all client computers. This allows you to remotely deploy updates and manage Veeam agent computers.

The Veeam Service Provider Console also provides a view for tenants as well as resellers. This specifically gives the customer visibility into their protected data, usage, invoices and the amount of VMs that are being sent to a cloud repository. With this amount of management and multi-tenancy, you can see how the Veeam Service Provider Console provides value to its users.

Veeam ONE & Veeam Service Provider Console are tools for success!

As businesses develop and grow, their data becomes more and more critical in everyday operations. Monitoring and managing this data can help service providers meet and overcome challenges faced by their customers’ businesses. Whether it’s offsite, in the cloud or on-premises, data resides everywhere. It’s the duty of a service provider to not only make sure they are protecting and monitoring their customers’ data but also ensuring their data center is performing at optimal levels to meet demand.

Veeam ONE, gives cloud and managed service providers an avenue to monitor workloads and ensure they maintain a healthy data center with an agile data protection strategy. Partnered with Veeam Service Provider Console, you can add a managed service approach to your customers’ on-premises environments. Both products are different and provide different sets of features, but using them together and understanding each product’s strengths can allow you to prepare any environment from day zero to year five.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about how you can use these tools. Be sure to check out the Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) program for more information on how you can start offering Veeam-powered data protection services to your customers.

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