v10: GFS restore point granularity

Veeam Backup and Replication has been our core product for 12 years and has remained our core product due to its continuous adaptations to the end user’s needs. We are excited to release Version 10 of this product which includes over a 100 new and enhancement features. In this article we will cover the three new improvements related to making retention more flexible and easier to manage.

  • We are introducing day logic to retention to make it easier to manage restore points.
  • Adding GFS to backup jobs to give you the flexibility in expanding your retention.
  • Enhancing the backup copy job reliability by adding an extra RPO alert to make sure your backups are being copied in the desired threshold.

Backup job day retention

Backup jobs will now have the option to base their retention on number days rather than number of restore points. Traditional backups job retention has always run by the number of restore points produced and is a piece of cake estimating the number of restore points to keep if you run your backup job every day once a day. The complication comes when you need the backup to run every two hours and have a window every other day between the hours of 1PM and 5PM where no backups are allowed to process or continuously running jobs when it is not always possible to predict the number of restore points produced every day. For these cases here comes day retention to the rescue. With day retention you can set the number days you would like to keep backups for and not worry if the job runs once on Tuesday and 30 times on Wednesday you will still have the proper number of days in retention. This means you can run a backup job multiple times a day and not have to do extra math for the number of restore points you would need to keep for the week or month.

Backup job GFS

The next feature we are excited about is the GFS function being added to backup jobs. Until now if you wanted to keep archive data points each week, month, or year you would need to set up an additional backup copy job or set your retention to span a lot higher than necessary keeping incremental points you do not need. This new feature will also allow you to store a copy of your archival backup points on your primary backup repository without extra work!

Backup Copy job RPO alert

Meeting RPO is important even when it comes to backup copy jobs. In version 10 a new notification has been added directly to backup copy jobs to alert you when the desired RPO is not being met. This will be an additional advanced setting in the backup copy job that will send an alert if a newly created backup point is not copied off site with in a desired threshold. This feature will help you make sure that you are meeting your RPO on your backup copy job, so if disaster takes down your primary backups you are not missing critical data.

With version 10 we are taking the guess work and headaches out of managing your retention. These are just 3 of the many features released in v10, so go ahead and check out more.

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