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Data Protection

Get the most out of your cloud investments
by protecting data within and across clouds

Mitigating the risks of data deletion and disasters

Hyper-Availability for any app, any data, across any cloud 
Why data protection within the cloud matters

Cloud computing affords significant benefits, including scalability and optimized designs. Despite the fully redundant architectures, there is no replacement for a flexible backup technology with granular recovery tools. Enterprises moving to a multi-cloud strategy can get the most out of their cloud investments by protecting data within any cloud, and across Availability zones. This level of mobility ensures that applications and data remain Hyper‑Available regardless of their location. 

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Why data protection within the cloud is the next-step
in Availability best practices

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Top considerations for data protection within the cloud

  • Maximizing cloud investments
  • Geographic redundancy

The cloud is not one-size-fits-all, and providers have worked to create different cloud environments and architectures to meet the needs of the multi-cloud enterprise. A data protection strategy that leverages existing cloud investments affords organizations of all sizes the opportunity to protect workloads running within the cloud of origin, and even across clouds. For example, AWS users can get the most of out their AWS EC2 investments by backing up data locally, or by leveraging the affordable, archive-focused AWS S3. With Veeam®, you can find the right cloud for your data protection business needs.  

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A tried and true data protection best practice is leveraging the “3-2-1” rule. Three copies of your data, on two different media, with at least one copy residing off site. The same rule can apply to a data protection strategy within the cloud. Many of Veeam’s cloud provider partners offer data protection across Availability zones. Or, you could implement a DIY strategy by storing a copy of your data in your own private cloud. This strategy ensures your applications remain Always-On 24.7.365.

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Finding an ally for a multi-cloud data protection strategy

Managed cloud providers can offer multi-cloud enterprises the expertise necessary to optimize cloud investments. For example, they can become storage providers for backups from hyperscale public clouds, to their cloud environments, all while staying cost-effective and resilient. Many managed cloud providers also offer consultation, implementation and ongoing managed services for AWS, IBM Cloud and the Microsoft Cloud, becoming your ally in the effort to achieve Hyper‑Availability. 

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Veeam Hyper-Availability for any app, any data, across any cloud

Geographic redundancy
with Veeam and IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud boasts 50+ data centers across the globe. And with Veeam, you can provision cloud resources at the IBM Cloud data center of your choosing. To make the most of your cloud investments, organizations can use Veeam to backup and replicate their data to any of the IBM Cloud data centers around the world to ensure geographic redundancy and data protection of your cloud data and apps. In addition, you can reduce strain on networking with IBM Cloud Direct Link. This ensures the peace of mind that applications and data will remain Hyper‑Available.

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How you can use Veeam and IBM Cloud Direct Link to protect your data across 50+ data centers worldwide

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