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  • Data Protection Is First and Foremost
  • Complete Flexibility
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  • A Full Disaster Recovery DR Platform
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  • The Definitive Guide to Veeam Whitepaper
  • Veeam vs. Cohesity Executive Brief
  • Veeam Data Platform Feature Comparison

Choose a Vendor That Specializes in Data Protection

While Cohesity spends its time focusing on NAS, AI chatbots, data classification and other areas that have little to do with backing up your data, Veeam has been busy perfecting data protection, DR and ransomware protection.

Data Protection Is First and Foremost

Invest in a solution that’s developed by fully dedicated data protection specialists, rather than a solution that considers backup a second-class citizen.

Complete Flexibility

Deploy Veeam on any hardware or cloud and scale it linearly with your needs. Integrate with storage arrays to leverage native snapshots for backup, recovery and data reuse.


Lower your TCO by leveraging existing hardware or purchasing hardware that fits your budget. Realize the cost efficiency of instance-based licenses that do not penalize you for data growth.

A Full DR Platform

Utilize robust DR planning, testing, orchestration and documentation to reduce third party software reliance and improve your recovery times when disaster hits.

Scalable Solutions With
No Lock-in

Ensure your data is not held hostage with the flexibility to scale and recover on any hardware, cloud or any file system.

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Feature Comparison

5 Reasons to Choose Veeam Over Cohesity


Veeam Benefits

Cohesity Limitations

Verified recoverability

Gain peace of mind

by knowing that each virtual machine (VM) you protect can be recovered when disaster strikes with SureBackup. SureBackup verifies that your VMs, OS and applications are recoverable.

All you can do is hope for the best since Cohesity does not offer an automated verification solution to guarantee that your VMs can be recovered when hit with disasters like ransomware and storage corruption.

Universal licenses that make sense

Recognize significant cost and management savings

with simple instance‑based licensing that spans across all major workloads, including VMs, physical servers, workstations, NAS data and cloud instances.

Deal with increased licensing costs as your data grows due to legacy capacity‑based licensing models. You also have to be prepared for higher fees since Cohesity features like DR, replication, cloud vaulting, threat protection, data classification and bare metal recovery require additional subscriptions.

Fast NAS backup and recovery

Reduce your RPO and RTO service level agreements (SLAs)

by taking advantage of Veeam’s innovative NAS backup capabilities like storage‑agnostic, native changed file tracking and instant NAS recovery. Incremental backups on commodity NAS hardware can be completed in a fraction of the time that Cohesity requires.

Wait much longer for your incremental backups to complete if your NAS is not one of the two vendors supported by Cohesity. Be prepared to wait for every file to be restored before they are available to your users.

Complete feature set

See the benefit of the first‑party capabilities

provided by Veeam Data Platform, including agentless VM backup, native tape integration, enterprise application protection and robust, near real‑time VM replication.

Deal with several third‑party solutions to close the gaps in Cohesity’s backup solution. With no tape integration, insufficient on‑premises application support and no native VM replication, Cohesity is ultimately a point‑product with a limited use case.

Ransomware detection

Identify a potential ransomware attack

in near real‑time with customizable, agentless monitoring tools that identify the symptoms of a ransomware attack on your production VMs. Scan VMs with trusted antivirus definitions before recovering to production.

Learn about an attack hours after it already happened, since Cohesity only scans backup data with a proprietary machine‑learning algorithm. By the time an attack is detected by Cohesity, the entire environment may have been infected, leading to significant recovery costs and missed SLAs.

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  • The Definitive Guide to Veeam Whitepaper
  • Veeam vs. Cohesity Executive Brief
  • Veeam Data Platform Feature Comparison


Veeam Protects the World’s Biggest Brands

  • Fujitsu
  • Siemens
  • ING
  • Make-a-wish
  • Victorinox
  • Puma

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Organizations Who Chose Veeam Over Cohesity


Maritz considered two replacements for legacy backup: Cohesity and Veeam Availability Suite. “We picked the leader in the data protection industry”


ENGIE considered three backup solutions — Cohesity, Zerto and Veeam. “Following proof-of-concept demonstrations of all three solutions, we were convinced that only one was capable of meeting each of our needs and our customers’ needs.” ENGIE chose Veeam Backup & Replication to protect customers’ solutions.

Crye-Leike Real Estate Services

The IT team considered two replacements: Cohesity and Veeam. “Veeam was the natural fit for us because it integrates fully with HPE Nimble Storage and ExaGrid,” he said. “We couldn’t get over how simple, fast and intuitive Veeam is; it worked like a champ right out of the box.

Leader in Data Protection

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Veeam has become the #1 provider worldwide in 2H22.


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Adopting a Zero Trust approach is one of your best defenses against attackers. Achieve radical resilience and meet your compliance goals with Veeam Data Platform.

Secure backup and fast, reliable recovery

Proactive monitoring and analytics

Stress‑free recovery from any disaster

Radical Resilience is Our Difference

With Veeam by your side, you have the confidence knowing that you can
meet the IT needs of today and tomorrow.

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