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Veeam Availability
for Lenovo Data Management

Delivering Hyper-Availability with Lenovo


The Veeam® Hyper-Availability Platform combined with best-in-class data center infrastructure and software-defined solutions from Lenovo, enables businesses of all sizes to accelerate digital transformation, simplify IT, reduce risk, lower costs and enhance business agility. 

Veeam’s integration with Lenovo DM Series, DE Series and V-Series SAN platforms and hyperconverged infrastructure appliances, powered by Nutanix and VMware, provides customers with Hyper-Availability and business continuity assurance for mission critical workloads enterprise-wide. In addition to providing organizations with scalable performance and Always-On™ Availability, Lenovo and Veeam enable organizations to accelerate innovation through intelligent data management.

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Working together to guarantee workload Availability for Lenovo

Veeam + Lenovo enable the Hyper-Available Enterprise
  • ThinkSystem DM Series/DE Series 
  • V Series
  • ThinkAgile VX / HX Series
  • ThinkSystem DS Series

Delivering Hyper-Availability with Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series

Lenovo DM Series storage systems offer IT efficiency, business agility, high application uptime and simplified data management. Consolidate all your applications on the most data center-efficient flash storage you can buy combined with the best data management — on-premises or in the cloud.

Veeam integration with Lenovo

The combination of Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series low recovery point objective (RPO) capabilities and Veeam’s low recovery time objective (RTO) enablement allows you to create backups from storage snapshots up to 20 times faster than competitive offerings and restore them quickly when needed.

Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots

Veeam Explorer™ for Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series Storage Snapshots: 
Recover individual items or entire VMs in two minutes or less from Snapshot, SnapMirror and SnapVault. Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots is included in all versions of Veeam Backup & Replication™, including Veeam Backup Free Edition.

Backup from SnapMirror and SnapVault:
With Veeam, you can backup directly from Lenovo DM Series secondary storage resources, to free up primary storage to meet growing applications demands.

Backup from SnapMirror

With Veeam, you can backup directly from Lenovo secondary storage resources, to free up primary storage to meet growing applications demands. 

On-Demand Sandbox™ for Storage Snapshots: 
Veeam On-Demand Sandbox allows you to quickly and non-disruptively create isolated copies of your environment to support dev/test, analytics, disaster recovery (DR) testing for compliance and more.


Delivering Hyper‑Availability for Lenovo ThinkSystem DE Series

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DE Series all-flash and hybrid-flash arrays deliver the perfect combination of performance and economics to handle your most important data.

Both storage subsystems optimize price/performance, configuration flexibility, seamless scalability and simplicity. They enable you to process your critical business data faster and with better insights, for more effective decision-making.

ThinkSystem DE Series platforms make an ideal backup and storage repository for Veeam Availability solutions. As a high-performance, scalable, dependable and easy-to-manage storage solution, ThinkSystem DE Series facilitates rapid backup and recoveries, to ensure you can provide Hyper-Availability for critical applications and data and meet business service level agreements enterprise wide.


Delivering Hyper‑Availability for Lenovo Storage V Series

Lenovo Storage V Series hybrid and all-flash storage systems utilize IBM Spectrum Virtualize software at its core to provide advanced virtualization capabilities for increased IT simplicity, enhanced performance and maximum business flexibility and agility. Veeam Availability Suite™ directly integrates with the native snapshot capabilities built into Lenovo V Series platforms to deliver increased levels of backup and DR automation, improved operational efficiency, and simplicity and enhanced data Availability.

In addition to providing organizations with the scalable performance and Hyper-Availability needed across enterprise environments, Lenovo and Veeam enable organizations to accelerate innovation through intelligent data management. Veeam’s deep integration with Lenovo V Series enables businesses to rapidly create Veeam DataLabs™ environments that are isolated from production to perform the following activities for increased business ROI:

  • Application development and testing – faster delivery of new business services and updates to enhance the customer experience and speed up time-to-market
  • Data analytics – identify trends and changes in user behavior to determine how to serve the customer better 
  • Proactive DR testing – ensure adherence to corporate data governance and regulatory compliance mandates to reduce business risk
  • Test application patches and updates – reduce the risk of downtime by testing new application changes before introducing them into production.

Delivering Hyper‑Availability for Lenovo Software-Defined Infrastructure solutions

Lenovo Software-Defined Infrastructure solutions simplify IT, lower costs and increase business agility across virtualized environments by combining enterprise-class Lenovo server platforms with the leading hyperonverged infrastructure (HCI) technologies from VMware vSAN (Lenovo ThinkAgile VX) and Nutanix Acropolis (Lenovo ThinkAgile HX). Veeam’s Intelligent Data Management and Availability solutions mitigate risk across Lenovo HCI environments by simplifying application and data protection while increasing ROI through accelerated business innovation.

ThinkAgile VX – Simple hyperconvergence for VMware vSAN

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX is an HCI solution based on VMware vSAN and Lenovo server platforms. ThinkAgile VX pools together compute, storage and networking resources while leveraging the centralized management and administration capabilities of vSphere. 

Veeam Availability Suite is a Ready-for-vSAN solution that provides unique backup and recovery options for ThinkAgile VX, allowing customers to deploy a more integrated, highly efficient and cost-effective Availability solution.


Veeam provides ThinkAgile VX customers with:

  • The ability to expand capacity and performance on demand
  • Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) backup and restore to recover entire VMs, individual files and application items in minutes
  • End-to-end AES 256-bit encryption to secure backup files and data at the source in flight and at rest
  • Built-in deduplication and compression to reduce storage and bandwidth consumption
  • A VMware Ready-for-vSAN certified solution designed and optimized specifically for the VMware platform
  • And more

Combining Veeam and ThinkAgile VX delivers IT simplicity, mitigates business risk, enhances efficiencies, maximizes ROI, and enables IT to move at the speed of business.

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ThinkAgile HX– Integrated with Nutanix software 

Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series combines Nutanix’s industry-leading HCI software with Lenovo’s best-in-class server infrastructure. Nutanix Acropolis combines feature-rich, software-defined storage with built-in virtualization in a turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure platform. Acropolis combines agility and high-performance with enterprise scalability and easy, low-touch management that reduces the cost and complexity of legacy IT infrastructures.

When Lenovo ThinkAgile HX is combined with Veeam Availability Suite, IT organizations gain further operational simplicity, ease of management and Availability through a highly-scalable, agentless solution that provides recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPTO™) of < 15 minutes for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Acropolis hypervisor and physical application workloads and data across hybrid cloud environments.

Veeam compliments ThinkAgile HX resiliency through Availability features that dramatically simplify the rapid recovery of critical business applications and data. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Instant VM Recovery®: With a few mouse clicks, recover VMs and their associated data in seconds and minutes directly from backup copies to ensure critical application recovery SLAs
  • Granular Data Recovery: Veeam Explorersfor Microsoft SQL, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and Oracle provide agentless, granular and rapid recovery of individual objects, files and individual application items from a simple and intuitive web search-engine-like interface
  • SureBackup®: 82% of Veeam users are more confident in their ability to meet Availability SLAs due to proactive tools like Sure Backup, which verifies the integrity and recoverability of all your applications and data 
  • Veeam DataLabs: Get a higher return on your investments in Availability and Intelligent Data Management by leveraging Veeam to quickly provision virtual labs that are totally isolated from production to spin up dev/test, user training and DR testing environments

Delivering Hyper‑Availability for Lenovo ThinkSystem DS storage

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series SAN array is performance optimized for primary storage, remote/branch offices, backup and archive, and media streaming. DS Series is ideal for workloads such as primary storage, virtualized resources, backup and recovery, and other similar-sized workloads. With performance and value in mind, and equipped with enterprise-class features, the DS Series is designed to fit your needs now and in the future.

Setup is complete is less than five minutes, with Rapid Deployment and EZ Start eliminating costly and complex deployment while freeing up IT resources for other business tasks. The same interface is used across the DS Series family, allowing for flexible IT administration.

To implement a successful backup infrastructure, you need a scalable, dependable and easy-to-manage storage solution. The ThinkSystem DS Series brings all of this to your data center – and more. It is designed for five 9s of uptime making it an excellent platform for pairing with Veeam’s Availability solutions – ensuring you can meet an RTPO of < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data.

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Veeam offers a 30-day FREE trial with access
to all Veeam capabilities for IT professionals

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