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NAS Backup and Recovery Solution

The world of network attached storage (NAS) has changed. Now the scalability achievable through production NAS devices by exposing file share (NFS) or server message block (SMB) protocols has reached new levels. As exponential growth of NAS continues, so does the need to protect unstructured data from malicious attacks which exploit vulnerabilities in your NAS devices.
Simple and powerful NAS backup protecting unstructured data through an easy-to-use wizard-driven approach, strong enough to process petabytes of data as fast as possible.
Flexible NAS data storage that will meet workload needs and requirements across multiple NAS and file server offerings with built-in granular recovery options.
Reliable architecture that not only protects massive amounts of data but also provides data consistency and efficiency.

How Veeam NAS backup works

  • Components
  • Changed file tracking

The data from source file shares transition to the targets through file proxies. File proxies are the muscles that enable the data flow; they’re scalable and software-defined with no requirements for new hardware or dedicated appliances in order to achieve scale.

The key differentiator is changed file tracking, which maintains the footprint of the source file share and is stored in something called a cache repository. This cache repository keeps track of all the objects that have changed between each backup, which results in ultra-fast backup processing.

Veeam NAS backup supports the same range of backup repositories as our image-based backups, including Scale-out Backup Repository™. This focus on unstructured data backup in the NAS engine ensures the ability to tier-off older file versions onto cheaper storage devices like deduplication devices or object storage. Taking advantage of this methodology provides users with the ability to keep short-term retention close to the production data set for days.

To meet regulation and retention demands, you can leverage public cloud storage for longer-term retention and archival. Veeam NAS backup can also store an offsite copy of your NAS data. This can be for a completely different retention period with a separate encryption key for added security. It can also be used as a disaster recovery (DR) option when it comes to recovering unstructured data.

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NAS data protection

Tame your growing unstructured data


Entire share restore

This option is most useful when there is a complete loss of your file share or a major outage. When this happens, the option allows for a complete restore of the selected version of all files either back to the original location or to an alternate location with security and permissions intact.


Rollback to a point in time

Quick rollback gives you the ability to restore to the last-known good configuration. This means that any modified file since the last backup can be reverted. For example, in the event or a ransomware attack, this option would allow you roll back to the last good backup before the ransomware attack occurred.


Restore individual files and folders

This restore type provides you with the ability to restore individual files and folders either by overwriting the live system or keeping both copies. Easily choose specific restore points with additional visibility to see all available file versions, making the selection of versions you wish to recover a simple and flexible task.

How to buy NAS backup

You can modernize your NAS backup with Veeam Universal License (VUL).

Each universal license can be used to protect any workload, including VMs, servers, workstations, AWS, Azure or count towards the NAS capacity (up to 500 GB per license, with V11).

The VUL is portable and enables the data transfer from cloud, virtual and physical workloads, seamlessly. It also includes 24/7/365 support.

For any size business
Veeam Universal License
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Workload Transferability Yes
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Learn more about NAS backup

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Watch the webinar
3 Ultimate Strategies for Ransomware Prevention
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Read the blog
This blog provides clear explanations of how to reduce the threats of ransomware, to protect unstructured data and recover NAS backup.

Veeam NAS backup Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NAS Backup solution?
NAS Backup is a solution designed to backup and to recover unstructured data files stored in a Network-Attached Storage or NAS. In other words, while NAS devices are ideal for storing data in external/physical drives, such drives may not have built-in backup and recovery capabilities.
What are the most typical examples of unstructured data files?

There are many different workloads for unstructured data, or the data that users create every day including documents, presentations, graphics, etc., as well as the massive amount of data that devices are creating every second in the Internet of Things.

Few common examples include:

  • Common user data from office applications (docs, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.)
  • Surveillance video from doorbells and law enforcement body cams
  • Medical records that include x-rays or other imaging files
  • Warehouse data including barcode images
What are the advantages of a NAS backup solution?

There are many types of NAS solutions that have many protocols and versions that are used to protect unstructured data. The most important advantage of a NAS backup solution is the ability to have access to the data remotely, from an off-site location, that can be used as a disaster recovery option when it comes to recovering your unstructured data. 

Another advantage is the flexibility to protect not only server message block (SMB) and network files shares (NFS), but also Windows and Linux fileservers. The combined options reduce the time to backup any data and ensure a fast recovery of any NAS device.

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