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Whether you’re just starting out or well on your way to the cloud, it’s likely that you may face cloud-first mandates for Digital Transformation initiatives. From moving production workloads to the cloud to leveraging an off-site cloud target for long-term retention or disaster preparedness — backup and recovery should be at the forefront of your cloud adoption strategy. 
Cloud capabilities
Cloud accelerate cloud adoption

Accelerate cloud adoption

Get to the cloud even faster with simple tools to intelligently back up, recover and migrate data, where it can be natively protected and kept safe from attack.
Cloud actualize savings in the cloud

Actualize savings in the cloud

Proactively plan and manage consumption to avoid cloud overspend and ensure savings are recognized in all budgets while still achieving your recovery and compliance goals.
Cloud achieve dr and compliance goals

Achieve DR and compliance goals

Fill critical needs in your BC/DR strategy by securely backing up and replicating to the cloud for long-term retention and disaster recovery readiness.

Cloud capabilities for powerful, affordable protection

Protect and manage backup data to the cloud, from the cloud and within the cloud
Cloud aws backup
AWS backup

Unify your data protection strategy with AWS-native backup and disaster recovery that’s fully automated, cost-effective and secure.

Cloud azure backup
Azure backup

Centrally manage and protect all your Azure data with native, enterprise-ready backup and recovery to overcome cloud data loss and overspend.

Products only for illustrating products vb for google cloud platform veeam backup for gcp
Google Cloud backup

Google-native backup and recovery powered by policy-based automation to eliminate the risk of any data loss

Cloud compliant archive
Compliant archive

Tackle compliance with automation that intelligently moves your backup data from capacity to archive storage based on age

Cloud ransomware stays out
Ransomware stays out

Overcome ransomware and security threats with an assured clean recovery from encrypted, air-gapped and immutable backups.

Cloud d raa s for resiliency
DRaaS for resiliency

Reach the impossible with replication and failover into the cloud via one of our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) partners.

Cloud baa s for the data center
BaaS for the data center

Avoid the complexity of off-site backup with integrated, expert-built offerings from our Backup as a Service (BaaS) partners

Cloud baa s for endpoints
BaaS for endpoints

Send server and workstation backups directly to the cloud for cost-optimized, managed BaaS.

Cloud object storage
Object storage

Boldly embrace long-term retention across three intelligent tiers tuned for performance, cloud-based capacity and archive.

Flexible choice in cloud strategy, model and provider



Do public cloud workloads need backup? 

Absolutely! Workloads running in the public cloud even natively still require the same level of data protection that you would extend to any other critical resource. Traditionally, public clouds provide availability over recovery, ensuring that your data is always available, which makes it hard when you have to meet a recovery point objective (RPO) that is more than a couple of weeks old. Unfortunately, many companies do not realize this until it’s time to recover some “barely old” data that is unable to be retrieved. Even with the cloud, you must keep in mind that what is lost is hard, and sometimes impossible, to regain — and ultimately, you are responsible for your data. 

Companies that specialize in data protection and recovery, like Veeam, make things easy with key capabilities to quickly migrate to the cloud and begin protecting your workloads and data natively in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. 

How are companies using the cloud for archival? 

As more and more businesses are focused on switching from a capex model to more of an opex model, they are making the shift from offline, physical tape to cold storage for long-term archival of data — primarily for compliance or worst-case scenario DR reasons. A major factor in this market dynamic is that with tape and other physical media, there is additional risk and cost associated with the usage, handling and storage of the media.

Considering that most of this archived data is intended as “write once, read never,” it is best kept on cheap storage. Many companies are now turning to new “cold” cloud storage solutions, as cold storage is typically pennies per gigabyte.

Veeam Backup & Replication helps to not only embrace this at every step of the journey, but to unblock and enable your journey to shifting to cold cloud storage for long-term archival with the automation to manage your backup data’s life cycle from creation to deletion.

Does Veeam offer Backup as a Service (BaaS)? 

Yes! Veeam partners with a network of cloud and managed service providers in 180+ countries to deliver integrated off-site backup and DR options to customers.

Backup is a function every IT department must execute. But without critical and business-specific demands from the line of business, many IT departments look to offload some data protection duties to a service provider, including:

  • BaaS for the data center: sending backups securely off site for retention, security and recovery 
  • BaaS for endpoints: to maximize costs with direct-to-cloud backup
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): replicating to the cloud for a DR-ready secondary site 

To deliver these “as a Service” offerings while meeting compliance and data sovereignty needs, Veeam partners with a network of cloud and managed service providers. These partners often offer consumption-based payment terms and the expertise to build an effective hybrid cloud strategy, powered by the best that Veeam has to offer. 

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