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Stop downtime with lightning-fast, proven restores at your fingertips for ANY recovery scenario. Born in virtualization and optimized for the cloud, Veeam Backup & Replication provides data recovery options for businesses of any size. Restore multiple types of data no matter the application or environment — virtual and physical, on premises or in the cloud. Gain the flexibility that you need to meet your recovery objectives with confidence.
Recovery capabilities
Recovery align any rpo rto to your sla

Align RPOs and RTOs to your SLA

Achieve business continuity. Meet your RPO and RTO objectives to crush your SLAs. Say goodbye to cost and complexity related to specialized point solutions.
Recovery recovery for any scenario

Recovery for ANY scenario

Granular restore, workload recovery, complete DR — not all recoveries are the same. Be confident that you can reliably tackle any recovery with ease.
Recovery why wait when it can be instant

Why wait when it can be INSTANT?

Downtime, data loss, brand damage — avoid these pitfalls at unprecedented speed. Instantly recover files, NAS shares, entire VMs, databases and more.

Simple and speedy recovery

Be ready for anything with flexible recovery capabilities
Recovery continuous data protection

Continuous Data Protection

Crush downtime and minimize data loss with reliable failover to the latest state or point in time with ultra-low RPOs.

Recovery instant recovery for nas

Instant Recovery for NAS

Provide uninterrupted user access to data by instantly publishing an entire NAS file share directly from a backup.

Recovery instant recovery for databases

Instant Recovery for databases

Seamless, immediate recovery of a failed SQL or Oracle database into the production environment, regardless of size.

Recovery instant vm recovery

Instant VM Recovery

Instantly recover an entire VM with the flexibility and portability required when recovering or migrating your data.

Features sure backup sure replica

Verified recovery

Execute an automated “live” verification to confidently test your recovery strategy with SureBackup and SureReplica.

Recovery granular application explorers

Granular application item recovery

Perform advanced granular search with individual object recovery for Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory and SQL.

Recovery full system and file level recovery

Full-system and file-level recovery

Quickly recover an entire system or individual files and folders from backups, replicas, and array or VM snapshots.

Recovery recover anything to v mware

Recover anything to VMware

Meet RTOs with ease while reducing your recovery footprint — instantly recover ANY Veeam backup to VMware vSphere.

Recovery recovery anything to hyper v

Recover anything to Hyper-V

Expand recovery with increased flexibility —instantly recover ANY Veeam backup to Microsoft Hyper-V, including Windows 10.

91 different ways to recover

Flexible, full-spectrum recovery for all: with the best combination of the right tools for the job — tackle any recovery, ranging from single file all the way to complete DR. Enjoy simple operations and the ultimate flexibility in recovery to deliver confidence with every block of data restored.



Why is data recovery so important?
Many may see backup as the most important task in the data center, but remember we back up so that we may recover critical data, workloads and systems for various reasons. Ranging from disaster recovery to data reuse that enables business acceleration, needs differ from vertical to vertical. Recovery is the one thing that requires the flexibility to meet your specific needs with the reliability that you can recover with confidence when and where needed. The real question to ask is, “which data is most important to my business, and which recovery best meets our needs?” While there are many recovery methods available for many varied types of data, applications and systems — ultimately, you must choose which ones work best to achieve the recovery objectives that best meet your SLAs. 
What are the most common methods of data recovery? 

For recovery, there are many options from which to choose that are specific to meeting the desired recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs): 

  • Full system/disaster recovery — these requests are commonly served by full recovery, replica failover and bare-metal restore. 
  • Database/application recovery — commonly recovered from using a combination of recovery software and built-in application tools, full system recovery or replica failover 
  • Database/application-item recovery — common recovery types involve using capable backup software to recover the individual item directly or using legacy methods and tools to restore the entire application or database and then migrating the missing data back to production. 
  • NAS/unstructured data recovery — these requests are most commonly met on an as-needed basis as restores can be lengthy due to using legacy NDMP dump-style backups that have strict recovery requirements. 
  • Cloud data recovery — depending on how you are using the cloud, SaaS versus IaaS versus PaaS, common recovery methods can range from recycler/versioning to actually performing traditional recovery within IaaS in the same manner that you would use on premises. 
What is Instant Recovery?

Instant Recovery is to have the ability to meet even the most challenging of RPOs — regardless of the data type or size. This is typically achieved with specialized backup software, Veeam being the pioneer of this technology and process. With Instant Recovery, you can achieve your recovery objectives with ease, especially when you combine it with the power of virtualization: 

  • Meet RTOs for critical assets, including VMs, applications, databases and NAS/unstructured data
  • Better enable data reuse with data that is as close to production as possible
  • Less downtime associated with recovery and migration operations is achieved via simultaneous Instant Recovery of multiple VMs 

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