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As businesses virtualize critical business services like Exchange, SQL and Oracle, they need to invest in modern storage and Availability solutions that are scalable, provide high performance and can ensure the protection of critical data assets. With IT budgets and head count remaining flat or decreasing, it’s especially important for these solutions to be cost-effective, provide a strong return on investment and help simplify IT operational management. Nimble Predictive Flash storage platforms and Veeam® Availability Suite™ provide a fully-integrated Availability solution that leverages the performance of flash with integrated data protection. The Veeam and Nimble solution delivers a simplified way to help IT organizations ensure recovery point and time objectives (RTPO™) of < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data. This solution brief outlines how Veeam and Nimble provide the following benefits:

  • Instant VM Recovery®
  • Granular recovery of application Items
  • Dramatically improved ROI on storage investments
  • And much more!
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Duration: 1:00:13

Join this Veeam® and Presidio webinar to learn about how Veeam Availability Platform for the Hybrid Cloud delivers the next generation of Availability for virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads to enable the Always-On Enterprise™.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how Veeam and Presidio offer:

  • Practical yet extraordinary IT expertise to a full spectrum of enterprises
  • Highly localized delivery of technical, architectural service and consultative capabilities
  • Restore and replication capabilities with Veeam Cloud Connect
  • And more!
White Paper
March 27, 2017
Author: Sander Berkouwer, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft MVP

While Active Directory (AD) has been around since Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft has continued to make adjustments and introduce features in newer Windows Server releases, especially in Windows Server 2012. What’s New in Active Directory 2016 covers different AD features and the requirements to enable them.

Scalability boundaries: RID & DNT improvements, resource SID compression

Learn about two big changes made by Microsoft in Windows Server 2012, which now allow AD environments to grow more easily, and beyond the limitations encountered by AD administrators.

Deployment and migration features: Deferred index creation, virtualization safeguards, Domain Controller (DC) cloning and new promotion and upgrade processes

Microsoft has released many improvements to make DC deployment and migration better than ever. Have you ever wondered how to prevent possible issues after a schema update? Do you know how to make your DC aware of the virtual environment to prevent data loss? Have you thought about using DC cloning so you can quickly create a replica DC for DR purposes? Have you heard about the new ways to promote a machine to DC? How about preparing an automatic update for the AD domain and a forest for new versions? Keep reading this white paper, we've got you covered!

Security features: Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSAs), Kerberos Armoring (FAST), Protected Users, Authentication Policies and Policy Silos, Dynamic Access Control and Privileged Access Management (PAM)

In Windows Server 2012 and WS 2012 R2, a couple of features have been introduced to enable domain admins to further lock down their AD environments. One new security feature is the Flexible Authentication Secure Tunneling (FAST) or Kerberos Armoring. Start solving common security problems with Kerberos and make sure that clients will never return to less- secure legacy protocols or weaker cryptographic methods.

On top of all that security goodness, Windows Server 2016 brings Privileged Access Management (PAM) that allows admins to only have administrative privileges when they need them through auto-expiration of these privileges. Did you know that PAM is the only secure way you could actually regain control over a compromised AD environment without throwing it away?

Manageability features: Active Directory Administrative Center, GUIs, expanded functionality

Learn about Active Directory Administrative Center (dsac.exe), which was first introduced with Windows Server 2008 R2. Read about Active Directory Administrative Center’s serious overhaul in Windows Server 2012. In addition to providing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to new features in Active Directory 2012, the functionality has expanded to manage features that were previously only manageable on the command line.

Mobility features

Has your organization adopted a Hybrid Identity approach towards Azure Active Directory? Your AD can help get the devices your users use into Azure Active Directory with the help of Azure AD Connect and (optionally) AD FS. These features are not just Windows 10 devices, either.

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Speaker: Russell Nolan
Duration: 16:32

Join us for this short, live demo webinar to learn more about Veeam Agent for Linux.

Recorded Webinar
March 21, 2017
Speaker: Timothy Dewin, Sander Berkouwer
Duration: 1:26:41

In the third instalment of this series, we'll focus on Veeam Availability suite 9.5 and how you can use its SureBackup and Explorer features to not only backup and restore Domain Controllers, but even automatically deploy Active Directory test environments and perform attribute-level restores.
Speaker: Jose Mendoza, Tom Sightler
Duration: 1:09:57

The release of Veeam® Backup and Replication™ 9.5 introduced advanced integration with Windows Server 2016, including taking advantage of Microsoft’s most advanced file system, ReFS. Watch this episode of VeeamLive with Veeam Principal Solutions Architect, Tom Sightler, to learn the details of this advanced ReFS integration and how it can be combined with Scale Out Backup Repository (SOBR) technology to eliminate legacy backup storage management challenges by creating a single, scalable backup repository from a collection of heterogeneous storage devices.

In this VeeamLive episode, you will:

  • Learn how Veeam uses ReFS to speed backup processing
  • Get best practices for deploying and formatting ReFS with Veeam repositories
  • Understand the interactions between ReFS and SOBR and how they can be combined
  • And more!

Speaker: Russ Kerscher, Anthony Spiteri
Duration: 1:03:01

Don’t stop one step short of complete data protection. Find out how to extend Availability to the cloud with Veeam Cloud Connect to ensure your business remains Always‑On™.

Now is the best time to start your cloud planning. Learn how to get FREE cloud services with Veeam’s unprecedented special offer.

Watch this webinar on Veeam Cloud Connect, so you can:

  • Discover the benefits of extending Availability to the cloud
  • Work toward completing the final stage of the 3‑2‑1 Rule
  • Learn how to backup and replicate data off‑site to the cloud
  • Find out how to participate in Veeam’s limited‑time cloud special offer
  • And more!
Recorded Webinar
March 07, 2017
Speaker: Timothy Dewin, Sander Berkouwer
Duration: 59:55

This webinar will make a deep focus on Active Directory management and latest changes in the Active Directory Administrative Center. Windows Server 2016 offers huge improvements for Active Directory scalability and UI, which we'll talk about in detail. Don't miss a demo session on using Active Directory PowerShell History Viewer and the new graphic user interface for Active Directory Recycle Bin and fine-grained password policy features!
Author: Jason Buffington , Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

By now, every proficient and capable IT service provider or reseller has a good sense of how much cloud-powered data protection could matter to subscribers and potential subscribers. Those clients need to bolster their backup, recovery, and BC/DR capabilities—the cloud can enable them to accomplish such efforts more effectively and at a more reasonable cost. However, not one cloud-powered data protection solution has proven to be definitively superior.

As a service provider, you should strive to present a choice of offerings to your potential subscribers, ideally through a common management framework that is delivered via a consolidated, cohesive, relevant set of vendor solutions. Your prospects will have widely varying needs and aspirations tied to how the cloud could serve as part of their organization’s unique strategic initiatives for protecting data. Each need and aspiration is likely to be distinct, but they all can be fulfilled with the right vendor partner.

Read this white paper and learn:

  • Key findings from ESG Research about the most popular cloud-infrastructure use cases;
  • Business drivers and operational concerns of your IT decision-maker clients;
  • How adding cloud to a data protection strategy reduces data loss;
  • And more!
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Speaker: Jason Acord
Duration: 57:06

The combination of Veeam® Backup & Replication™ software, Pure Storage all‑flash storage and ExaGrid backup storage provides the fastest, most reliable and cost‑effective primary storage along with the fastest and lowest cost backups with the shortest recovery times. This powerful combination increases the performance of storing, backing up and recovering data — at a lower cost than traditional legacy storage and backup solutions.

Learn more about:

  • How Veeam enables the Always‑On Enterprise™ by helping organizations meet recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) of <15 minutes for ALL applications and data
  • ExaGrid's unique "landing zone" where backups land straight to disk without any inline processing, delivering the fastest possible backups
  • How Pure Storage lowers storage costs by up to 50% and management costs by up to 90% by shrinking your storage footprint by 5‑10x
  • And more!
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