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Veeam Helps TBEA Energy India Ensure Data Availability for Manufacturing Processes

For any industry with a VM environment, Veeam is the best product. If you’re using a virtual environment, there’s nothing close. There is no competitor to Veeam.
Ashok Verma
Head of Information Technology
TBEA Energy (India) Pvt Ltd.

The Business Challenge

TBEA Energy is a backbone enterprise of the power transmission industry across the world with over 70 years of experience in the industry. The vast scale of the business contributes to the challenge for the IT system; TBEA is one of the 500 largest machinery manufacturers in the world, and is one of China’s largest 400 businesses, with a brand value of CNY27.5 billion.

Alongside the scale and sophistication of TBEA’s operations, the fact that the manufacturing processes are all customised for each client and project means that TBEA is 100% reliant on its data being constantly and consistently available. In addition to the need for constant uptime, data privacy and preservation of their clients’ data is crucial.

TBEA Energy’s legacy solution was causing problems in backups and was expensive in terms of both time and capital. The legacy provider was unable to match TBEA Energy India in the excellence and 100% uptime the business required across its four regional offices across India.

Ashok Verma, Head of Information Technology at TBEA Energy (India), is responsible for the overall IT operations and needed a replacement IT solution to meet the business’s need for constant availability of business-critical data.

“We are 100% dependent on the data results, as our equipment makes each and every product entirely customised for our clients. So, data privacy and data protection are the main priorities for us. Our IT systems are the key for the whole company at the moment, and our legacy solution wasn’t giving us the 100% reliability that we needed”, said Ashok Verma.

The Veeam Solution

Ashok Verma worked with Hitachi Systems, an IT provider specialising in developing and implementing business systems, to land on the perfect-fit solution of Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise Edition, which allows TBEA Energy India to maintain its uptime, with Availability for all their virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads.

“We are completely a VM environment, but we weren’t getting 100% of our full information, and our client base backups were creating a problem. Similarly, with our DR set up, we weren’t getting the holistic cover and solution that our business needed,” said Verma.

“With Veeam implemented, we were able to start saving both time and money. Firstly, the solution is more cost-effective than our legacy solution, when you take the whole environment into consideration, including the VMware, and secondly, Veeam saves a lot of our manpower on the frontline, by automatically monitoring our whole virtual environment,” said Verma.

As well as creating both financial and personal efficiencies for TBEA Energy India, Veeam is ensuring that essential customer data is always available when needed throughout the manufacturing process, cutting the backup and recovery times significantly.

“With our previous solution, recovering any data from the server could take up to four to five hours. So, in one instance, our mailing solution was down, and we were trying to restore proper assignment for each bill taken, but it took four to five hours, so we were down for that amount time,” Verma said.

“In terms of backup times, we were spending two to three hours every day monitoring the backup with all the VR and DR. Having implemented Veeam, we are now able to finish the job in 20 or 30 minutes. That’s such a significant saving for our business, and it is really improving how our IT system is able to underpin our business,” Verma continued.

“We have a 100% virtualized environment, which means it is imperative for us to maintain high availability. The Veeam solution protects 34 terabytes of businesscritical data across six locations and 17 virtual machines (VMs).”

Since implementing Veeam, TBEA Energy India has seen a significant difference in the speed at which they can recover data, ensuring that its 780 employees receive minimal interruptions to their day-to-day jobs.

With Veeam, TBEA Energy India has ensured that all its critical data is recoverable and highly-available, while maintaining its security. Veeam has helped it to achieve its goal of maintaining 100% uptime, while delivering a cost-effective and easy-tomanage solution.

The Results

  • Cost-effective and easy-to-manage availability solution for critical business data
    “Costs are always a major driver in any IT decision, and when we discovered that altogether, including the VMWare, Veeam was going to cost us less than our legacy solution, it was a no-brainer. The simplicity and ease of use means we can always have total confidence that the system is helping to keep our business data safe and highly available,” Ashok Verma said.
  • Over 88% time saving on daily backup maintenance; 93% man-hour savings in data recovery
    “Because of the customisation of everything we produce, we need to have our data available at all times for the manufacturing process to continue. So, for our small IT team, to be able to make this kind of time saving every single day, cutting down our backup process by over 80% or taking no more than 20 minutes to recover a server if needed, makes such a difference,” Ashok Verma affirmed.
  • Confidence in data security
    All businesses are online, data on CRM, ERP (Oracle), Windchill PLM from PTC, etc., everything is digitized and online, and notifications, approvals or monetary transfers are done online. Veeam gives us confidence that our data is fully backed up and can be recovered if needed.


TBEA Energy (India) Pvt Ltd is an advanced manufacturing business, and is the India arm of TBEA, an enterprise group accredited by Chinese government. TBEA works globally around external assistance projects in four industrial fields: Transmission, Transformation, New Energy and Advanced Materials.

TBEA Energy has twelve industrial gardens in China, as well as 27 overseas offices all around the world, including in USA, India and Brazil. It currently has 780 employees in India.


TBEA Energy needed an availability solution that preserves their data security while providing availability and the instant recoverability of data should it be needed. Because all the products made for each customer are highly customised, 100% data availability is required for the manufacturing to continue; the business is entirely dependent on the data results.


  • Cost-effective and easy-to-manage availability solution for critical business data
  • Over 88% time savings on daily backup maintenance; 93% man-hour savings in data recovery
  • Confidence in data security