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Disaster Recovery

Kubernetes Native Disaster Recovery

  • Return to operation after ransomware attacks
  • Recover from malicious data loss
  • Protect from unintentional failures

Securely Replicate Your Backups to Another Site

Veeam Kasten is a Kubernetes native data protection platform that addresses modern-day Kubernetes disaster planning challenges.

Automated DR workflows for Kubernetes

Veeam Kasten delivers DR with robust scheduled and on-demand workflows.

Automatic Import and Restore in K8s Environments

Automatically import and restore changes to a cluster.

Maintain Multiple Restore-Ready Backups for Kubernetes

Maintain multi-component container applications from backups.

How Organizations View Disaster Recovery

anticipate relying on cloud infrastructure or a DRaaS provider for disaster recovery
have completely aligned their cybersecurity and disaster recovery strategies
use existing data protection and technologies for their containers

Disaster Recovery Situations Are More Common Than You Think

Return to Operation After Ransomware Attacks

Veeam Kasten is part of effective backup and encryption strategies that control offline and offsite data backups to preserve data sovereignty, even in the event of a network breach.

Recover From Unintentional Failures

Natural disasters such as unplanned power outages can be mitigated by implementing a Veeam Kasten production-ready backup strategy.

Protect From Malicious Data Loss

When live information, backup, and in-transit data is encrypted by Veeam Kasten, the probability of a severe data loss and the ramifications of its liability are reduced.

Recover From Infrastructure or Hardware Failures

When IT is using Veeam Kasten for data protection, Kubernetes applications and data are protected in the event of a disaster incident due to infrastructure or hardware failures.

Kubernetes use cases

Use Cases for Veeam Kasten

Backup and restore icon
Backup and Restore
Protect Cloud native applications and business critical data.
disaster recovery icon
Disaster Recovery
Meet regulatory and corporate mandates for your business.
application mobility icon
Application Mobility
Move entire applications between clouds and clusters.​
ransomware protection icon
Ransomware Protection
Protect your Kubernetes platform from intentional cyberattacks.
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Cyberpeace institute
Software ag
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How does Veeam Kasten support disaster recovery in Kubernetes?
Veeam Kasten delivers automated workflows for disaster recovery (DR), offering scheduled and on-demand backup options for Kubernetes applications and data.
Can Veeam Kasten help recover from ransomware and data breaches?
Yes, Veeam Kasten's disaster recovery capabilities include strategies to return operations to normal after ransomware attacks and protect against malicious data loss.   
How does Veeam Kasten ensure data security during DR?
Veeam Kasten secures data through encryption and isolated backups, reducing the severity of data loss and liability from breaches.
Does Veeam Kasten offer cross-cloud DR flexibility?
Veeam Kasten provides the flexibility to redeploy applications across different cloud environments with the use of transforms to ensure consistency and performance across production environments.

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